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Spieletipps: Erfolge

  1. A Rag Man
    5 Achievement
    A Rag Man
    Make your first ever Quarrel anagram.
  2. Anagramalamadingdong!
    15 Achievement
    Make a staggering 100 Quarrel anagrams.
  3. Jailhouse Rock
    10 Achievement
    Jailhouse Rock
    Capture a phenomenal 100 prisoners.
  4. Four's a Crowd
    10 Achievement
    Four's a Crowd
    Capture a prisoner from each player in a four-player match.
  5. Incrediword!
    15 Achievement
    Make a word worth at least 20 points.
  6. Omniscience
    30 Achievement
    Finish a match with a perfect Word IQ of 200.
  7. Showdown Showoff
    20 Achievement
    Showdown Showoff
    Defeat all-comers in Showdown.
  8. Call That a Challenge?
    20 Achievement
    Call That a Challenge?
    Complete all Challenges to Gold standard.
  9. World Leader
    20 Achievement
    World Leader
    Dominate the Known Quarrel World and wear the Quarrel Crown.
  10. Down in One!
    10 Achievement
    Down in One!
    Claim Calamari Cove from Dwayne, Caprice and Malik in a single turn.
  11. Unbeaten!
    20 Achievement
    Capture Starfish Bay in Domination without losing a single quarrel.
  12. Elite Beat!
    25 Achievement
    Elite Beat!
    Defeat Rex, Helena and Kali in a single timed match.

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