Painkiller: Resurrection: Patch veröffentlicht

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Painkiller: Resurrection - Patch veröffentlicht

Mit Hilfe der integrierten Auto-Update-Funktion kann ein Patch für Painkiller Resurrection runtergeladen werden. Das "Reloaded"-Update verbessert die Computerintelligenz, die Charakter-Modelle und behebt diverse Bugs.

Allright, and here now the list of what is new (in ADDITION to smaller fixes for reported errors):
- New AI System blending the direct approach used now and a sophiscated Waypoint system. In most areas, Monsters can not only chase you through complex architecture, you`ll also see them taking different ways in order to outrun you, and sometimes even retreat and trying to get into your back.
- Better Char models / animations: Our 3D Artist gave another shots at the new monsters and improved some of them.
- Ingame MP hosting reactivated (deicated server not needed anymore)
- Competitive MP crash-fixed and tweaked (Dropped weapons look, jumping walls etc)
- Coop for up to 8 (if you like madness, even 16) players (although 2-4 is the best number to try) and with up to 50 monsters at once to fight them as team
- New maps and some new surprises in the levels themselves are on their way, too

Please keep in mind the following:
- You do not need the deicated Server Exe, you can host ingame. However, to ensure all can join, we suggest you deactivate the purescripts in the inis by setting them to "false"
- The best is to delete the old Painkiller Resurrection folder in your Local Settings / Application Data
- Steam Users: Please some patience, we have right now provided Steam with the new files for their version of the game.
- In some places (like the ruins in the Valley) monsters can still get stuck. Use them as aiming practice targets :P
- As for Coop: Some projectiles / Effects still need visual synchro fixing on client side. We are working on that.
- Also coop: The smaller maps do not cause problems, but when you play as client on maps like Forbidden valley or Haunted City, you can still crash with a fatal error message. Simply rejoin, you will start at the last unlocked spawn point.
- There will come new content and tweaks next year

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