GRID 2: Community-Patch bringt Mod-Support für PC

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Grid 2: Community-Patch bringt Mod-Support für PC

GRID 2 (Rennspiel) von Codemasters / Namco Bandai
GRID 2 (Rennspiel) von Codemasters / Namco Bandai - Bildquelle: Codemasters / Namco Bandai
Der jüngst angekündigte Community-Patch wird ebenfalls Mod-Support zur PC-Version von Grid 2 hinzufügen. Damit unterstützt Codemasters erstmals offiziell Mods in einem seiner Spiele.

Wann der Community-Patch erscheinen soll, steht noch nicht fest. Folgende Features sind geplant:
  • Increased rewards in Custom Playlist
  • A new playlist titled 'Hardcore'
  • Level cap raise to 99
  • Fastest lap times have been included for online play
  • A host of liveries previously restricted to single player will now be available in multiplayer
  • The maximum number of laps allowed in a race has been increased from 5 to 10
  • Veto weighting has been changed and now only requires 51% of the vote
  • Country flags have been included next a player’s name plate online
  • Reward for racing cleanly has been increased
  • A vote to kick option has been included
  • You can now skip the level up graphic
  • Modding Support v1.0 [PC Only]
  • Various bug fixes and background improvements

"Previously, some of our game's files were protected against modification. This was intended as a defence against cheating, mostly during online play, but also when setting lap times or earning achievements. When the modification of a protected file has been detected the game would disable online access, achievements and would also prevent any saving from occurring.

However, we understand that many mods are made with absolutely no intent of inconveniencing other players. These guys want to play the game in their own way, but as it stood the game would not save their progress if they were to modify a protected file.

So we've decided to assist these players by adding some basic support to the game that allows modified data and when enabled the game will now save your progress. Please note that the save file is separate to the one used by the unmodified game and online play, leaderboards, achievements and RaceNet functionality will all be disabled to protect the integrity of the main game."

Quelle: Codemasters


Bambi0815 schrieb am
Kackmasters haben swit grid 2 dlc politik bei mir verkackt. Mod support wundert mich was sie da sich gedacht haben. Ich vertraue den nicht ganz.
Iconoclast schrieb am
Was willst du uns damit sagen? 10 Runden sind für ein Arcade Rennspiel schon sehr lang. Da fährt man nunmal keine 50-60 Runden. :wink:
Pyoro-2 schrieb am
The maximum number of laps allowed in a race has been increased from 5 to 10
Fucking Hardcore 8O
.opti76 schrieb am
Aber nicht für solche Kack-Spiele!
schrieb am