Sir, You Are Being Hunted: Video zum Februar-Update

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Test: Sir, You Are Being Hunted

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Sir, You Are Being Hunted: Video zum Februar-Update

Sir, You Are Being Hunted (Shooter) von
Sir, You Are Being Hunted (Shooter) von - Bildquelle: Big Robot
So langsam nähert sich Sir, You Are Being Hunted seiner Fertigstellung, wie Big Robot im jüngsten Update für die Alpha-Version mitteilt.

Letztes aktuelles Video: Februar-Update

Man habe die KI erweitert, die letzten Animations-Sets vervollständigt  und mit dem Landbesitzer auch den letzten Robotertypen eingebaut. In Sachen Assets sei der Survival-Titel jetzt komplett - jetzt könne man endlich "mit den Variablen herumspielen." Die Roboter würden sich jetzt deutlich besser verhalten.

Den Spielzeugzug könne man jetzt in eine bestimmte Richtung fahren lassen, um Gegner wegzulocken, mit der linken Alt-Taste könne man nun beim Laufen in eine andere Richtung schauen - so man denn kein TrackIR hat.

Das Studio müsse nur noch die Arbeit an einer Umgebung und den Individualisierungsmöglichkeiten abschließen - dann habe man die Beta erreicht.


- NEW – Landowner NPC.
- NEW – Support for controllers in menus (still not inventories yet, soon!)
- NEW – Free-Look key modifier. Holding “Left Alt” (by default) will allow you move your head independently from the body, simulating TrackIR use for those without that hardware. Only works if TrackIR not running or toggled on.
- Toy Train now has “Moving” mode as well as “Static” (Right Mouse default).
- Improved AI combat behaviour (especially corners and cover management).
- Improved balance for AI vision and pursuit.
- Several improvements to AI noise investigation States. Should result in more reliable distraction and sound investigation.
- Changed the way AI glimpse-state works so bots no longer spot players unfairly due to heightened aggro state from recent inter-bot combat.
- Changed destination pathing solution for all AI. Bots will no longer want to visit places they can't path to...
- Changed the way bots decide to guard doors. Should result in less over-guarded buildings.
- Exposed robot release schedule to xml file. See BR forums for editing advice...
- Faster bunnies.
- Performance: New audio lodding system should boost FPS.
- Increased Wisp numbers slightly. Use them!
- Faster dogs.
- Sundry loot balance tweaks
- Sundry AI variables tweaked.


- Added option to limit FPS to prevent some hardware configurations running too fast.
- Volumes now applied correctly in menu screen.
- UI on/off toggle fro screenies now turns off crosshair too...
- Compass bearing now relative to head camera (so is in-synch with look direction, not aim direction).
- Fixed several scenery items that weren't blocking path grid properly.
- Fixed some movement issues with Hares.
- Fixed animation issue with sea beast.
- Adjusted perimeter walls for some buildings to fix pathing bottlenecks.
- Fixed some issues with scarecrow teleporting.
- Fixed an issue where quitting immediately after generating a world lost your starting equipment.


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