Dungeon Defenders 2: PC: Update "Call All Heroes" mit neuem Helden und vielen Verbesserungen

Dungeon Defenders 2
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Dungeon Defenders 2 - PC: Update "Call All Heroes" mit neuem Helden und vielen Verbesserungen

Dungeon Defenders 2 (Taktik & Strategie) von
Dungeon Defenders 2 (Taktik & Strategie) von - Bildquelle: Trendy Entertainment
Für die Early-Access-Version von Dungeon Defenders 2 (PC) ist das Update "Call All Heroes" veröffentlicht worden. Es umfasst den neuen Helden "the Abyss Lord", fügt die Währung "Defender Medals" zur Rekrutierung von Helden ein und sorgt dafür, dass man auch im Kampf (schnell) zwischen den Helden wechseln kann (Change-Log).

New Hero: The Abyss Lord
  • The Abyss Lord is the first of our new heroes! Experience safe-for-work tentacle action today:
    • Watch the trailer to learn about his Defenses, Abilities and playstyle.
    • Earn the Abyss Lord with Defender Medals or purchase him with gems!
      • It’s our goal to make it rewarding for free players to earn our heroes. We’re going to pay close attention to our data and player feedback to make sure this feels oh-so-good.
    • The Abyss Lord uses a new weapon type: Tomes.
    • The Abyss Lord comes with one free Hero Slot (now called Hero Cards).
  • Skill Spheres
    • The Abyss Lord uses a new approach to Skill Spheres that, if you enjoy it, we’ll bring it to the four original heroes and to future heroes.
    • The Abyss Lord has four Large Slots.
    • His Skill Spheres are focused on interesting gameplay additions rather than purely stat increases. (For example:  Adding “Drenched” to the Skeletal Ramster’s attacks, which opens up new combo possibilities.)
    • His Spheres are purchased with Defender Medals at the Skill Sphere Shop.

New Hero Deck
  • Build With All Your Heroes
    • Bring a 5th, 6th, 7th hero and more to the battlefield during the Build Phase! All of your towers will persist, but only your heroes in your deck earn and share experience and loot.
  • Level All Your Decked Heroes at the Same Time
    • All four heroes in your hero deck now gain experience simultaneously. When your active hero gains 100 XP, the rest of the heroes in your deck will also gain 100 XP!
  • Quickswap Heroes (Even in Combat Phase)
    • Now the heroes in your deck are just a button press away during the Build or Combat Phase. Swapping during the Combat Phase incurs a short cooldown.
    • Default Keybinding is F1 - F4.
  • Quick Inspect Other Players’ Decks
    • Defeating the Old Ones is a lot easier when you can work together with your teammates. Use our new quick inspect UI to quickly glance at what gear and heroes other players are using.

Defender Medals
  • Defender Medals are a new earnable currency used to recruit heroes and purchase Skill Spheres.
  • Earn Defender Medals by completing Daily/Monthly Missions and playing maps. Victory grants more Defender Medals than defeat, and you’ll earn more Medals by playing on harder difficulties.
  • The Treasure Pirate now uses Defender Medals, and she has a new inventory of items sold for Defender Medals! Some of the additions include Pet Affection Boosters and Item Upgrade Boosters.
    • The War Recruiter has come out of retirement to sell items for Wyvern Tokens and is located near the Treasure Pirate. He’s also got a few new items to help you use your remaining Wyvern Tokens.
  • In a future patch, Hero Cards will be unlockable with Defender Medals!

New UIs
  • This is the first of our new UI Revamp. We’re updating all of our UIs to a cleaner style, and we’ll be addressing some functionality issues as we go through this revamp. Please excuse our dust in the meantime as we transition our UX over the coming months. This pass focuses on the Hero Deck UI and the Escape Menu UI.
  • New Hero Deck UIs
    • Quickly inspect other players and their gear at a glance. Detail inspect coming soon!
    • New hero cards display your current iPWR, title, name, hero and costume.
  • New Escape Menu
    • Now you can easily see who is in your party and who is your friend through the new session list browser!
  • The new Hero Details page is a new flow for viewing information about a hero and creating one! Check this page out regularly for hints into which heroes we are working on next!
    • Hotkey to open this menu is CTRL + K.
  • Note:  Due to a last-minute issue, we had to disable controller support for the UI. Expect an update in the future.

New Steam Group Weapon: The Blaster-Caster
  • Thanks to you, the Steam Group is now at 200,000(!) members, which means the Apprentice’s Blaster-Caster is now a random drop in the game!
  • At 250,000 members, you’ll unlock the final Awakening Weapon: the Monk’s Crystalline Twin-Blade! Join the group!

Daily and Monthly Mission Updates
  • Daily Missions rewards have been refactored. Missions will now generally reward Defender Medals and Gold, but they also have a new, better set of consumable rewards as well. (Item Upgrade Boosters and Pet Affection Boosters can be earned from Daily Missions if you’re lucky!)
  • We’ve cut a lot of the crappy Daily Missions. You’re welcome.
  • Monthly Missions now reward Defender Medals.

April Monthly Mission: Big Hits
  • Requirements:
    • Defeat 2000 enemies with abilities
    • Defeat 2000 enemies with the environment
    • Land 5000 random critical hero hits
  • Rewards:
    • 2000 Defender Medals
    • 300,000 Gold
    • 5 Super Item Upgrade Boosters
    • Title: The Big Shot

Additional Feature Notes
  • We've removed Lane Resistances as the first step in our Strategy Revamp. Learn more about our upcoming Strategy Revamp.
  • Shellium Shards are being phased out. Evolution recipies no longer require Shellium Shards. Eggs will now rot into common reagents.
  • We also simplified evolution recipes a bit, so only one tier of reagent per evolution is required.
  • You can now use Defender Medals to upgrade your gear at the Enhancement Wheel in addition to using gold.
  • Added a hotkey for the What’s New screen (Default:  F5).
  • The Carnival has packed up and left Dragonfall. It will be back someday!
  • Updated the costume shop with all of the Carnival costumes.
    • Mage of Shadows (Apprentice): 800
    • Masquerade Mage (Apprentice): 800
    • Galaxy Apprentice: 1200
    • Knight of Shadows (Squire): 800
    • Strongman Squire: 800
    • Galaxy Squire: 1200
    • Huntress of the Shadows: 800
    • Moxie Rouge (Huntress): 800
    • Galaxy Huntress: 1200
    • Monk of Shadows: 800
    • Zen Juggler (Monk): 800
    • Galaxy Monk: 1200
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