Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide: Update 1.1 "Sigmar's Blessing" steht bereit

Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide
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Test: Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide
Test: Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide
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Test: Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide
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Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide
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Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide: Update 1.1 "Sigmar's Blessing" steht bereit

Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide (Shooter) von Fatshark und Nordic Games
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide (Shooter) von Fatshark und Nordic Games - Bildquelle: Fatshark und Nordic Games
Für Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide steht das kostenlose Update 1.1 "Sigmar's Blessing" zum Download bereit. Das als Download-Erweiterung betitelte Update umfasst 40 Waffen der neuen Stufe "Veteran" sowie einen Altar, an dem man Gegenstände opfern kann, um das eigene Arsenal zu verbessern. Ansonsten haben die Entwickler die "Tokens", die Schmiede, die Performance und die Computerintelligenz (von Bots und Skaven) überarbeitet (Change-Log).

Feature Changes
  • Added Shrine of Solace to Red Moon Inn (Unlocks at level 5)
  • Added Page 1 of 3 to Shrine of Solace: PRAY Spend Tokens to acquire loot (More coming soon!)
  • Added New Weapon Tier: Veteran Each Veteran weapon is unique and can only be obtained once. Their traits can only roll perfectly.
  • Added 40 Veteran Weapons

Forge 2.0
  • Alongside the new shrine, our beloved Forge is also receiving a number of changes in 1.1:
  • Tokens can now be spent in place of items whilst Fusing an item
  • Exotic weapons can now be salvaged
  • Trinkets can now be salvaged
  • Hats can now be salvaged

Reworked Tokens
  • Tokens have been significantly reworked in 1.1 and will now be far more valuable than before.
  • Increased amount of tokens received for salvaging items
  • Increased trait upgrade costs
  • Tokens are now rewarded upon mission defeat if the party progressed sufficiently
  • Tokens can now be used to Pray for items in the Shrine of Sigmar and replace items whilst Fusing in the Forge

  • Normal attacks and pushes now count towards assisting an ally
  • Added Lobby Browser to ESC menu
  • Added Hero Trinkets: Equippable on any Hero, wearing one will increase your chances of receiving loot for a specific Hero
  • Removed increased chance for receiving loot for the Hero you are currently playing
  • Improved overall chance to receive high-tier loot
  • New Trait: Backstabbery
  • New Trait: Off Balance
  • New Trait: Diversion
  • New Trait: Safety in Numbers
  • New Trait: Inspirational Shot

  • Moved several secrets on Horn of Magnus (Good luck!)
  • Made the top floor of Mother Black at the end of Engines of War harder to defend
  • Reworked barrel spawning on Black Powder
  • Fixed some cases where players could get a head start on The White Rat by bypassing the barricade in the beginning.
  • Fixed several exploits
  • Fixed a number of visual issues on all levels

  • Fixed an issue where the Sack Rat would stop running if he got too far away from the players
  • Fixed an issue causing the Sack Rat to sometimes get stuck
  • Fixed an issue causing the Stormvermin patrol to sometimes get stuck
  • Fixed an issue which could cause any enemy to get stuck
  • Improved Clan Rat, Skavenslave and Stormvermin AI to better handle players on ladders
  • Fixed an issue where Clan Rats and Skavenslaves would think they could hit players when they couldn't
  • Added downward attacking animations for Skavenslaves and Clan Rats
  • Added upward attacking animations for Skavenslaves and Clan Rats
  • Fixed several situations that could cause Clan Rats and Skavenslaves to go idle and not attack

Rat Ogres
  • Rat Ogres will now slam ladders, causing players to lose grip and fall
  • Tweaked ground slam collision detection to be better in line with the animation
  • Fixed an issue where Rat Ogres would attempt to attack players when they couldn’t reach them

  • Fixed Packmasters sometimes getting stuck after climbing
  • Fixed Packmasters frequently trying to grab mid air
  • Added better line of sight check to stop packmaster from dragging players through walls and floors
  • Made Packmasters range more consistent

  • Fixed an issue where bots could get stuck when many enemies were present
  • Improved performance during spectator mode
  • Improved performance of ragdolls
  • Optimized menus & UI to reduce CPU usage
  • Optimized several AI systems
  • Added setting to switch transparency quality for enemy fur. Reduces transparency cost on GPU significantly when looking at a horde of skaven.

  • Made bots slightly less prone to stop in front of the player when stopping abruptly
  • Fixed an issue that was causing bots to sometimes not revive when the other bots are providing cover
  • Bots will now force heal if there are excess health items outside of event areas
  • Bots take wounded state into account when choosing who should pick up what health items
  • Fixed an issue that could cause bots to get stuck when walking over certain geometry

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