Everspace: Early-Access-Update: Neues Raumschiff und Überarbeitung der Perks

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Everspace - Early-Access-Update: Neues Raumschiff und grundlegende Überarbeitung der Perks

Everspace (Shooter) von
Everspace (Shooter) von - Bildquelle: Rockfish Games
Für die Early-Access-Version von Everspace (ab 24,99€ bei kaufen) (Steam, GOG) steht ein Update zum Download bereit. Es fügt das dritte Spieler-Raumschiff ("Colonial Gunship"), einen neuen Gegnertyp und weitere Umgebungsgefahren hinzu. Darüber hinaus wird das "Perk-System" grundlegend überarbeitet und in die Bereiche "Pilot" und "Schiff" unterteilt.

New Features
  • Added new player ship: Colonial Gunship
  • Added new enemy: Outlaw Drone Carrier
  • Perks overhaul: Divided into pilot perks and individual ship perks
  • Added new perks: Trading and Diplomacy
  • Attacking G&B can result in them reporting your attack and them being hostile in the current and next location
  • Added two new natural hazards
  • Added new point of interest: Freighter Wreck
  • Added more structures
  • Added option to set a flag for equipment to ignore it when switching to next/previous equipment
  • Added hall of fame that keeps track of your completed runs
  • Added backer-written logbook entries
  • Added new planet type

  • Interceptor and Gunship now have armor which reduces hull damage by 10% and 20% (what the Hull Enhancer used to do, but doesn't require a device slot)
  • Renamed "Hull Enhancer" to "Adaptive Armor"
  • Service stations now only offer one option unless perked with Trading perk
  • FOV is now being slightly increased while boosting
  • Slightly tweaked threat levels
  • Slightly decreased Stasis Missile effect duration
  • Added Weapon Overdrive blueprint to startup blueprints
  • Introduced a drone limit of 1. Can be perked to 3 for gunship.
  • Reduced ore pickup amount
  • Reduced explosion impulse strength
  • Increased grey goo NPC speed
  • Slightly reduced Coil Gun spread
  • Removed all shield related perks
  • Removed "store credits" perk
  • Made sensor range perk scout exclusive
  • Made jump charge duration perk scout exclusive
  • Tweaked perks for stronger differentiation between ships
  • Added more ship class restrictions for equipment
  • Proximity mines will no longer react to ships of their own faction
  • Tweaked Mine Cluster behavior
  • Tweaked jump drive animation
  • Damage indicator vignette and camera shake strength now depend on the amount of health left
  • Okkar Corvettes MK 1 can now come with jump suppressors, Okkar Corvettes MK 2 now won't always carry jump suppressors
  • Prevent more than 2 jump suppressors being active at the same time
  • Nano Injectors will now consider the nano bot efficiency
  • Increased Flak Cannon II damage
  • Increased Weapon Overdrive efficiency
  • HUD equipment slot tweaks: Display currently active devices with green glow, give currently non-usable equipment red shading
  • Energized Boost Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3 now have the same duration but increased boost multiplier
  • Slightly improved Shock Rifle II stats
  • Added warning and alert sound when close to black hole
  • Aim assist now works with proximity mines and missiles
  • The "Devastator" sub-routine now reduces the energy recharge rate rather than allocating energy

  • Fixed a bug where wrong consumable icon was displayed in pickup compare screen
  • Fixed wrong consumable and secondary weapon amounts being shown in player equipment slots of compare screen
  • Fixed devices with 4 pre-installed mods being spawned
  • Fixed sun flares not affecting cloaked ships
  • Fixed sun flares pushing bigger ships out of level bounds
  • Fixed spread mods not being available for Coil Guns
  • Fixed premature uncloaking while charging weapons
  • Fixed pilot seat clipping/blocking view when playing in 1st person view in ultra-wide
  • Fixed inverted mouse x and y not working when playing with centered crosshair
  • Fixed perked critical hit chance not being regarded for right-hand item in compare screen
  • Fixed trader not offering credits anymore (but needs a perk now)
  • Fixed ships sometimes having damage in hangar
  • Fixed current ship name not correctly displayed in ingame menu
  • Fixed Outlaw Sniper not uncloaking when attacked with explosive weapons
  • Fixed nano bots not being removed in generic freighter repair mission

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Für mich der einzige Titel, der in den anstehenden Weihnachts-Sales auf Steam auch nur ansatzweise interessant wäre^^
Bei 20? werde ich da sicher nicht nein sagen, 22? geht auch noch nur die aktuell geforderten 28? sind mir etwas zu viel :(
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