Man O' War: Corsair: Early-Access-Update mit Nahkampfsystem

Man O' War: Corsair
Publisher: Evil Twin Artworks
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Man O' War: Corsair - Early-Access-Update mit Nahkampfsystem

Man O' War: Corsair (Action-Adventure) von Evil Twin Artworks
Man O' War: Corsair (Action-Adventure) von Evil Twin Artworks - Bildquelle: Evil Twin Artworks
Für die Early-Access-Version von Man O' War: Corsair ist das Update 0.3 veröffentlicht worden, das u.a. das Nahkampfsystem (zwölf Waffen, neun Schilde) rund um den Kapitän hinzufügt (Steam, GOG). Neu sind ebenfalls die Chaoskrieger als Gegner auf hoher See und fortan kann man sich aus Materialien, die man von See-Ungeheuern erbeutet hat, auch Waffen schmieden lassen.

  • New Weapons: We've added 9 shields and 12 new melee weapons for your character to obtain, including: Warhammer, Rapier, Longsword, Black Leviathan Eye Lens Shield and Megalodon Tooth Axe
  • New Enemies: Chaos Warriors: Terrifying chaos warriors now lead the chaos fleets; Chaos Spawn: Dangerous and unpredictable, the only process left in their brain is the desire to kill 
  • Crafting: Put the bits and pieces you've retrieved from the terrifying sea monsters to good use find a skilled smith to turn them into powerful weapons for your captain.

Patch 0.3.0
  • Added melee combat for the captain
  • Improved ranged weapon mechanics 
  • Better spacing in boarding actions 
  • Improved performance of menu screen 
  • Fixed a bug that could reposition ship wrecks on reloading a save game 
  • Peasants in the tavern will no longer try to sell you the same map more than once. 
  • Added a character weapon reload indicator 
  • Fixed a bug preventing characters using the hatches on board ships. 
  • Boarding mid-wind tutorial now clears the tutorial graphic 
  • Streamlined hull is now a multiplier instead of a fixed boost (less effective when sailing into the wind) 
  • Fixed dialogue in the Blockade Runners quest 
  • Dead crew tell no tales (fixed a dialogue bug) 
  • Character weapons now have availability dependent on the port you visit, ports will produce additional weapons over time (in preparation for individual crew weapons) 
  • Captain's Mate will inform you when you’ve reached your waypoint if you are in autopilot 
  • Sacking pirate/orc ports no longer makes you infamous 
  • Added screen in captain menu for choosing your captain’s equipped weapons and shield

Patch 0.3.1:
  • Updated melee combat, fast click will give a light attack, holding longer will perform a heavy attack
  • Characters changing between melee weapons no longer put away their shield 
  • Increased speed of changing weapons 
  • Tab lock-on whilst using a melee weapon has a much shorter range 
  • Backing off far enough from current target will remove the lock (if using a melee weapon) 
  • Character interaction key once again defaults to ‘space’ instead of E. 
  • Can no longer walk through Wargalley front cannons 
  • Fixed a number of bugs involving a dead sharpshooter 
  • Added the Club and Mace of Striking 
  • Characters can be knocked over by ship impact damage 
  • Ship now tilts noticeably whilst turning 
  • Fixed a bug which could keep the player’s ship in combat and unable to dock 
  • Waypoints can no longer be set far inland 
  • Fixed an issue with fear-effects on weapons and shields 
  • Chaos spawn are now immune to fear, and cause fear themselves 
  • Megalodon will no longer try to return home mid-boarding 
  • Added additional dock points on Erguy’s western side 
  • Reload and crosshair show properly on sharpshooter 
  • First mate no longer tells you you’ve reached your destination on cancelling a waypoint 
  • Fixed a bug with the ship you’re boarding being sunk. 
  • Fixed an issue with Portsall and AI navigation 
  • Overwrite save now gives the correct message 
  • Additional cannons now show the increased number in the ship information screen 
  • Fixed docking issues around Mousillon 
  • Escort quests will now cope with the target port being undockable for the escorted ship

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