Osiris: New Dawn: Nächstes Early-Access-Update überarbeitet Proteus 2

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Osiris: New Dawn - Nächstes Early-Access-Update überarbeitet Proteus 2

Osiris: New Dawn (Survival & Crafting) von Reverb Triple X
Osiris: New Dawn (Survival & Crafting) von Reverb Triple X - Bildquelle: Reverb Triple X
Die Early-Access-Version von Osiris: New Dawn wird am 27. April 2017 mit dem großen Update "Proteus II Unearthed" versorgt. Mit dem Update wird die Karte von "Proteus II" komplett überarbeitet und eine Mine voller Aliens hinzugefügt. Hinzukommen die Ranger-Klasse, ein kontextabhängiges Missionssystem, das Nahkampf-Combo-System, neue Gegner und verbesserte Grafikeffekte (volumetrische Wolken, temporales Anti-Aliasing und Screen Space Shadowing).

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Proteus II Unearthed Update:
  • Proteus II Map Redesign: The starting moon of Proteus II has been redesigned to showcase varying biomes, with more flora and fauna, crater lakes, abandoned installations, and more discoverable landmarks.
  • What Lies Underneath - New Mines Section: Enter the alien infested Osiris 1 mines and fight for your life to reveal what fate befell the original Osiris Mission. Confront the maze-like ruins and encounter the dark secrets lurking within.
  • Ranger Class: Suit up as a new class with unlocked defensive skills  to employ turrets, build wall structures, and more
  • Upgrade Graphic Quality: Immerse yourself in the world of Osiris with new graphical features such as volumetric clouds, temporal anti-aliasing, and screen space shadowing
  • Mission System: Dive deeper into the lore of Osiris: New Dawn by contextually acquiring and completing missions.
  • Alien Encounters: Discover the hierarchy of the Crabs; from lowly Snubbs to the elegant and terrifying Crab Queen.
  • New Melee Combo System: Chain together attacks using hand crafted weapons with the new melee combo system. Unique animations ensure you'll find a weapon that fits your playstyle.
Quelle: Fenix Fire Entertainment and Reverb Triple XP


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