Surviving Mars: Curiosity-Patch für PC: Neue Kuppeltypen, Kommandozentrum, Tutorial und Infoleiste

Surviving Mars
Erhältlich: Digital, Einzelhandel
Erhältlich: Digital, Einzelhandel
Erhältlich: Digital, Einzelhandel
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Test: Surviving Mars
Test: Surviving Mars
Test: Surviving Mars
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Surviving Mars
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Surviving Mars: Curiosity-Patch für PC bereit: Neue Kuppeltypen, Kommandozentrum, Tutorial und Infoleiste

Surviving Mars (Taktik & Strategie) von Paradox Interactive
Surviving Mars (Taktik & Strategie) von Paradox Interactive - Bildquelle: Paradox Interactive
Für Surviving Mars (ab 26,99€ bei kaufen) ist der Curiosity-Patch für PC veröffentlicht worden. Mit dem Update kommen fünf neue Kuppeltypen in unterschiedlichen geometrischen Formen und das Kommandozentrum ins Spiel. Letzteres bietet Zugriff auf Datensammlungen (Statistiken und Graphen) und erlaubt einen Überblick über die verschiedenen Aspekte der Kolonie wie Gebäude, Transport und Kuppeln. Außerdem können die Kolonisten übersichtlich aufgelistet und "Problemfälle" schneller gefunden werden. Neu ist ebenfalls eine Infoleiste am oberen Bildschirmrand, welche die wichtigsten Informationen auf einem Blick anzeigt. Die Entwickler zeigten sich von der "Info Bar" von Waywocket so angetan, dass sie selbst eine eigene Version in ihr Spiel integriert haben. Last but not least werden mehrere Tutorial-Missionen eingebaut, in denen man die ersten Schritte beim Aufbau einer Kolonie auf dem Mars lernt. Die Konsolen sollen in etwa zwei Wochen mit dem Patch versorgt werden.

"New Features:
  • Five-part Tutorial Comprehensive tutorial separated into five thematic sections, introducing the core gameplay concepts in the different stages of Surviving Mars.
  • New Domes Curiosity introduces five new Dome types. These are entirely new models with new shapes, functionality and costs. With one exception, they do not require new techs to be researched. The smallest domes do not allow Spire construction
  • Infobar – Provides general overview of all the resources of the colony, including research progress
  • Command Center The Command Center is a handy new UI toolset that provides historical data for the colony and the ability to inspect and manage multiple buildings, colonists or vehicles without selecting them individually. It has been developed as part of our effort to reduce the micromanagement and to provide a more informative overview interface for certain gameplay aspects. The Command Center currently offers five different tools: Graphs, Buildings, Domes, Colonists, and Transportation.

Important changes and fixes:
  • New Game Rule: "Endless Supply" the first Universal Depot you place will automatically fill with resources each Sol.
  • Removed "Request maintenance" button and related functionality
  • Vehicle pin icons now indicate battery level
  • Added "Home dome" to colonists infopanel
  • Updated Mouse pointer/cursor texts for Rovers, drones, and colonists
  • Added rollover about colonists to Resource Overview
  • Added stored food in service buildings to Resource Overview
  • Added ticks to completed mysteries in pre-game menu
  • Clicking on the HUD pause button toggles between pause and last used game speed
  • More detailed cursor messages when trying (and failing) to place passages and ramps
  • Fix for "Reassign all" button to no longer reassign uncontrollable drones (dead, disabled, embarked, rogue)
  • Added new photo mode filter, "Orton" dreamy and saturated
  • Added frame rate cap in options
  • Fix for reborn colonists (Project Phoenix) to keep their traits, including their specialization
  • Fix for biorobots specialization to allow college education
  • Ctrl-click on drone prefab buttons converts five drones at a time
  • Fix for colonists to properly select new home when current residence is turned off
  • Fix for Psychologist commander profile to properly provide 5 Sanity boost
  • Added Simplified Chinese language

Other changes and fixes:
  • GDPR-related changes to Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, and in case you have been living on another planet the past two weeks, it is related to the mandatory EU regulation of the same name.
  • Fix for Research UI to shield scrolling instead of pressing Outsource or Close buttons
  • Controller: Workslot rollover now properly updates after firing a colonist
  • Controller: Fix to go back in the Encyclopedia hints section with the "back" button
  • Controller: In-game menu now handles safe area margins better
  • Photo mode: Hide UI fix
  • Fix for Rover infopanel to hide battery when "Rover Command AI" tech is researched

  • Added check to avoid spawning an anomaly inside dome
  • Black Cubes: Fix for some remaining single Black Cubes, now properly collected
  • Spheres: Fix for wrong positioning of sound sources when Spheres make cold areas

Passages and related issues:
  • Fix for Passages and Ramps to return resources when demolished
  • Tweaks to job selection logic in the presence of Passages
  • Updated dome warning/error messages to work better in the presence of passages
  • Fix for Passages to light up only if at least one of the connected domes has power
  • Fix for a bug where colonists became suspended in the air and walk in place

  • Added Building Entrance Path to entities
  • Documentation fixes and additional details
  • Removed obsolete texture channels from Blender exporter

General fixes:
  • Fix for proper calculation of Sponsor effects in launch UI
  • Shielded case where it was possible to accept legal agreements while in Steam offline mode
  • Fixed certain cases of stuck drones, coming from reporting unreachable destinations
  • Colonists can no longer eat from Rockets
  • Colonists now wear space suits when exiting Rockets in all cases
  • Pathfinding: fixed a bug where passage entrance/exit may be inaccessible
  • Fix for missing palette when changing skins during dome placement
  • Fix to prevent rovers from going into another rover that is uncontrollable (e.g. broken)
  • Fix for Automated mode rockets to wait their inbound cargo to be fully unloaded before taking off
  • Fix for Rockets takeoff, happening without refuel
  • Fix for proper demolishing of Automated Depots
  • Self-maintenance buildings are excluded from maintenance resource overview calculation (caused negative values)
  • Drone controller load notification now displayed only for working Drone controllers
  • Fix for in-dome sounds to be more prominent when in-dome or when a dome is selected
  • Fix for resources not displayed on the construction depot when placing a building on a pile of resources
  • Fix for Triboelectric Scrubber to stop resetting its cleaning cycle every time it is selected
  • Fix for a pathfinder bug leading to drones stuck near dome entrances
  • Fix for better handling of unreachable buildings by drones
  • Drone reassignment and packing/unpacking streamlined; added to RC Rovers and their infopanels
  • Malfunctioned and dead rovers block other units' movement
  • Fix for anomalies and surface deposits which blocked constructions around them in a too wide radius
  • Fix for assigning of workplace/residence with right-click
  • Fix for colonists to stop going outside domes when food depots are empty
  • Fix for drones getting stuck in Rockets in some rare circumstances (yet again)
  • Fix for flickering elements of construction hex grid
  • Fix for meteor cycle button notification
  • Fix for the negative resource amounts in depots
  • Fix for a water production bug happening when upgrading a Water Extractor with Fueled Extractors 
  • Fix for proper effect of Storage Compression tech for water tanks
  • Numerous fixes for to RC Transport right-click actions
  • Fix for negative water consumption of farms in certain cases
  • Fix for Dome working state leading to "x" icon on Dome pin
  • Fix for yellow grid appearing under domes
  • Fix for Rocket alignment when landing
  • Fixed a Rocket launch condition which led to take off in automated mode during dust storms
  • Fix for misaligned cranes when rotating mechanized storage depots
  • Fix for a non-refreshing infopanel re. electricity 
  • Clicking the Hints button now opens the Encyclopedia on the last dismissed hint
  • Fix for colonists to look for workplace considering specialist filtering
  • Gamepad: "Invert look" option now properly applies to zooming in and out
  • Fixed scaling of Space Elevator rope
  • Fixed missing launcher icon on some Linux installations
  • Fix for mod radio stations to work properly on some Linux installations
  • Fixed double click on Linux
  • General performance improvements
  • Sound fixes and improvements"

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