Megalith: Ein Titan will zum Gott werden: Zeitexklusiver "Helden-Shooter" für PlayStation VR

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Megalith: Ein Titan will zum Gott werden: Zeitexklusiver "Helden-Shooter" für PlayStation VR

Megalith (Shooter) von Sony
Megalith (Shooter) von Sony - Bildquelle: Sony
Disruptive Games hat bei der Paris Games Week 2017 das Actionspiel Megalith angekündigt, das im nächsten Jahr zunächst zeitexklusiv für PlayStation VR erscheinen wird. In dem "Helden-Shooter" kämpft man als gigantischer Titan gegen allerlei Gegner und versucht selbst zu einem Gott zu werden. Die Entwickler versprechen freie Bewegungsmöglichkeiten in den Arealen, zerstörbare Umgebungen und individualisierbare Fähigkeiten zur Anpassung des Kampfstils. Auch Teamwork soll erforderlich sein.

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"Disruptive Games is thrilled to announce Megalith, coming to PSVR in 2018 as a timed exclusive! Megalith is an action packed hero shooter that transforms you into a titan, letting you use your massive size and firepower to compete with others in a quest to become a god. Immersed in the conflict of an ancient world, you will need to use a combination of teamwork and skill to survive. Fight for supremacy on the fields of battle using free locomotion, strategy, and destructible environments. Define your own style of combat by customizing your abilities so that you can vanquish your foes and push your disciples to victory. We love playing online games and have spent many years crafting multiplayer experiences before forming Disruptive. Megalith is the culmination of everything we have learned along the way. We have been blown away by the potential of VR gaming, and are excited to be pushing the platform as it evolves."
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