Megalith: Offene Beta des Helden-Shooters für PSVR startet heute

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Megalith: Offene Beta des Helden-Shooters für PSVR startet heute

Megalith (Shooter) von Sony
Megalith (Shooter) von Sony - Bildquelle: Sony
Es wird bunt unterm Headset: Der Helden-Shooter Megalith für PSVR startet laut dem US-amerikanischen PlayStation-Blog heute in die offene Beta, die einige Monate lang andauern soll. In dem Spiel kämpft man als gigantischer Titan gegen allerlei Gegner und versucht, selbst zu einem Gott zu werden. Die Entwickler versprechen freie Bewegungsmöglichkeiten in den Arealen, zerstörbare Umgebungen und individualisierbare Fähigkeiten zur Anpassung des Kampfstils. Auch Teamwork soll erforderlich sein.

"During the open beta you will have access to two of the five Titans at any time. The ones you get change every week, and not every player will have the same rotation of Titans; so there will be plenty of variety when you play. But if you pre-order the game, you’ll immediately be able to choose from any of the five titans anytime you want during the beta. And you get all the bonuses listed below, too!

Pre-order Megalith to receive the following:

  • Immediately: Unlock all Titans available during the Beta.
  • Bonus: Avatar pack including the starting five Titans.
  • Bonus: One DLC Titan granted when the game releases.
  • Exclusive: Epic skins for each of the starting five Titans when the game releases.

How to play

In Megalith, choose from one of five starting Titans and work in teams of two to take on other Titans in battle. The Titans each wield unique powers and abilities derived from their origin. These abilities can be used alone, but become even more effective when coordinated with an ally.

Each team must protect their side while attempting to lead their minions into enemy territory and breach their defenses. Titans will need to destroy enemy walls and towers in order to make their bases vulnerable to attack. Powerful siege minions can be summoned to aid in the path to

The Titan Roster

Here are the five starting Titans and their abilities:

  1. Tundra: Frost Blast (Primary), Ice Shield, Ice Shackles, Permafrost, Ice Age (Ultimate)
  2. Cipher: Bounce Launcher (Primary), Boomerang, Tether Pull, Rupture, Tracker Orbs (Ultimate)
  3. Taur: Swipe (Primary), Charge, Acid Spit, Rage Mode, Stoneblock (Ultimate)
  4. Aurora: Ethereal Burst (Primary),Chain Lightning, Ion Shell, Tempest, Wrath Of Heaven (Ultimate)
  5. Hunter: Crossbow (Primary), Arrow Volley, Explosive Arrow, Talisman, Solar Beam (Ultimate)"

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Quelle: US-amerikanischer PlayStation-Blog


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