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Battlefield 5
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Test: Battlefield 5
Test: Battlefield 5
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Battlefield 5
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Battlefield 5: Finales Inhaltsupdate verfügbar

Battlefield 5 (Shooter) von Electronic Arts
Battlefield 5 (Shooter) von Electronic Arts - Bildquelle: Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts und DICE haben das letzte Inhaltsupdate für den Shooter Battlefield 5 veröffentlicht. Das geht aus einem Beitrag des Community Managers bei Reddit hervor, wo das Update vorgestellt wird. Demnach beinhaltet es zwei neue Karten, neun weitere Waffen, sechs zusätzliche Vehikel, fünf Gadgets sowie drei neue Typen von Granaten.

Hier die kompletten Patch Notes:

New Maps:

  • Al Marj Encampment (Conquest, Breakthrough, TDM, Squad Conquest).

  • Provence (Conquest, Breakthrough, TDM, Squad Conquest).

Additional Changes:

  • Aerodrome - Removed the MG turret that was placed below the ground at the edge of the map.

  • Aerodrome - Removed the stationary weapon fortification that was placed into the ground near Sector F.

  • Al Sundan - All standard modes now feature U.S. vs. Germany. We presently have a known issue with incorrect Voice Over being played during rounds of Frontlines which we intend to solve in a later update.

  • Marita - Fixed a hole in the wall by Zervos Farm which could be exploited.

  • Panzerstorm - All standard modes now feature U.S. vs. Germany (except Grand Operations).

  • Panzerstorm - German Army is now set as the defending force.

  • Twisted Steel - All standard modes now feature U.S. vs. Germany (except Grand Operations).

  • Twisted Steel - Outpost - Fixed the floating barrels and barbed wire near Radio Tower A.

  • Twisted Steel - Outpost - Players should no longer be able to get stuck between the barrels and the bridge strut near tower D.

  • Underground - Fixed an exploit that could disable smoke effects.

  • Combined Arms - Fixed the missing tab on the end of round screen.

  • Firestorm - Players will no longer enter a bleed out state when playing solo mode.

  • Practice Range - Added the missing Panzerbüchse 39 & Boys AT Rifle bi-pod when using them on the range.

New Weapons:

  • Sjögren Shotgun (Support)

  • Chauchat (Support)

  • M3 Infrared (Recon)

  • K31/43 (Recon)

  • Welgun (Medic)

  • M1941 Johnson (Assault)

  • PPK/PPK Suppressed (all classes)

  • M1911 Suppressed (all classes)

  • Welrod (all classes)

New Gadgets:

  • Doppel-Schuss (Recon)

  • RMN 50 Grenade Launcher (Recon)

  • Pistol Flamethrower (Assault)

  • Shaped Charge (Support)

  • Kampfpistole (Support)

New Grenades:

  • Firecracker Grenade (all classes)

  • Demolition Grenade (all classes)

  • Type 99 Mine (all classes)

Additional Changes:

  • Add-on Grenade Launchers for the Tromboncino and M1 Garand now try to switch to the main ammo type instead of the pistol when the player runs out of ammo. If no primary weapon ammo is available, a switch will be made to the pistol as normal. We think that this will lead to a better combat flow when the player ends up in these scenarios.

  • The Breda M1935 PG’s fire switching sound can now be heard.

  • Fixed a bug where smoke grenades would sometimes detonate in different positions for different clients, or not detonate at all.

  • Unified the impact grenade's trajectory with the other frag grenades for improved consistency of grenade throws.

  • Slightly increased the time an impact grenade must travel, the amount it bounces off a surface, and detonation delay after bouncing. This won't substantially change the gameplay of the grenade, but will improve the pucker factor of having one of these thrown at you.

  • Fixed a bug with the Lunge Mine which would cause another knockback, when it had been selected again after a previous use.

New Vehicles:

  • A-20 bomber (U.S. Faction)

  • P-70 Night Fighter (U.S. Faction)

  • P-51D fighter plane (U.S. Faction)

  • P-51K fighter plane (U.S. Faction)

  • M8 Greyhound (U.S. Faction)

  • Puma Armored Car (German Faction)

Additional Changes:

  • Improved the transition to ragdoll when players die in a vehicle and made it so the vehicle/wreck is followed for the victim to make it a more interesting experience.

  • Fixed an issue with the Hachi that was causing it not to steer as well as intended when moving at higher speeds.

  • Smoke screen weapons on tanks and airplanes now properly block spots, and name tags.

  • Fixed a bug that would cause the vehicle UI to show an incorrect position of the cannon, if the player had used it, and then switched seats.

  • AA guns now suppress on the same level as other vehicle MGs.


  • 500lb bombs now have lowered blast damage, and increased irreparable damage to make it a two-pass kill.

BF-109 G2

  • Specialization tree changes to compete with P51K.

  • Start loadout includes spotting flares and 2x50kg bombs.

  • Engine or gun upgrade at tier 1.

  • Defensive options or finned barrels at tier 2.

  • Ground attack options or leading edge for tier 3.

  • Finally some less critical upgrades for tier 4.

BF-109 G6

  • Specialization tree changes to compete with P51D.

  • Start loadout includes nitrous, smoke, and 2x rockets.

  • Explosion protection or gun upgrade at tier 1.

  • Defensive options or finned barrels at tier 2.

  • Ground attack options or leading edge for tier 3.

  • Nitrous now functions in the same way as the super charger for the Pacific planes.

  • Finally some less critical upgrades for tier 4.

New Soldier Characters:

  • 14 New U.S. Faction Soldiers.

  • 2 New Japan Faction Soldiers.

Additional Changes:

  • Additional fixes to prevent players from getting stuck in a bleeding out state. If this does not fix the problem, we hope that it will decrease the rarity from uncommon to rare.

  • Fixed a bug that would in some cases play the wrong voice over when a soldier spots a bomber.

UI & Other

  • Fixed an issue that would cause spotted enemies to not show on the mini-map if the player walked into their own smoke.

  • Added the missing descriptions for the Calliope and Hachi in the statistics tab.

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Oh man. Damit kann man die Ostfront wohl vergessen. Echt armselig, dabei ist das der wichtigste und entscheidende Kriegesschauplatz im ganzen Krieg... Immer sieht man die Normandieinvasion etc. und Afrika, weil die Westallierten da mitgemacht haben, dabei gäbe es so verdammt viel unverbrauchte Szenarien... z.B. Japan gegen China, wobei das wohl sehr kontrovers wäre.
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