Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War: Activision erläutert Zombies-Modus "Outbreak"

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - Activision erläutert Zombies-Modus "Outbreak"

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (Shooter) von Activision
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (Shooter) von Activision - Bildquelle: Activision
Activison hat erläutert, wie der kommende "großflächige" Zombies-Modus "Outbreak" in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War funktionieren soll. In einem offiziellen Blogpost (via wird neben Story-Details auch erklärt, dass Squads mit bis zu vier Spielern in die Outbreak-Zone geschickt werden und dort eine von fünf möglichen Aufgaben gestellt bekommen, die untersucht bzw. abgeschlossen werden muss.

Wie das im Detail angegangen wird, liegt offenbar zu großen Teilen in der Hand des Spielers. Vieles soll dabei variieren: welche Route man sich aussucht, wie viel zeit man sich lässt, wie viel Belohnungen in Truhen man auf dem Weg abgrast, welche "Trial-Computers" geöffnet werden und wie viele Zufallsbegegnungen getriggert werden. Bei späteren Updates sollen mehr Missonsarten hinzukommen und der Modus weiter ausgebaut werden, vorerst bekommt man aber folgendes:

"- Defend - Your task is to claim a fully intact sample, place it in a device to study, and defend the machine while it uploads data. Depending on the location of this device, numerous strategies for keeping the device online can be effective, like using vehicles in outdoor locations or mid-range weapons for busier locales. No matter where the device is, the usually scattered hordes of the undead will undoubtedly funnel in toward the scanning machine, making close-quarters weapons and placeable equipment or Support items solid choices for defending it.
- Escort - Requiem recently developed a fleet of highly advanced, yet highly vulnerable, rovers to help them detect dimensional portals into the Dark Aether. Your mission is to ensure this rover (with its captured specimen) finds this dimensional portal somewhere in the Outbreak zone and gets through it in one piece. For this experiment, it’s wise to remember back to your security detail training: keep the principal (the rover) at center, move as one unit, and shift to deal with threats as they come.
- Retrieve - Somewhere in the Outbreak zone, there are two Aether harvesting units that have been gathering raw Aetherium from the atmosphere and growing Aetherium Crystals inside its containment canisters. These Aetherium Canisters need to be extracted to a safe location quickly. Fortunately, a nearby set of rockets can carry them away from harm. For this experiment, agents will need to carry these canisters to the rockets manually for extraction. Due to their size, they will be unable to use any of their weapons or equipment, and will be rendered slower than usual. However, while carrying the Aetherium Canister, your normal Field Upgrade is replaced with a very powerful one, which can emit a small burst of Aether energy that knocks down nearby zombies – helpful in a pinch if other Operators cannot pick them off.
- Eliminate -  For this experiment, a GPS tracker is used to find elite enemies, who will phase into existence after their position is compromised. Here, agents will have to make a strategic decision: dodge the HVT long enough to clear the ensuing wave of enemies, or deal enough damage to the HVT to force it to move to the next wave of the fight, which will wipe out the remaining wave.
- Holdout - A massive, unstable Aether Crystal is emitting alarming amounts of Dark Aether energy, to a point where some researchers reported hearing voices as they approached it. Due to its chaotic nature, destruction is the only option on the table, although attempting to do so will send agents into the Dark Aether itself, where they must hold out against any undead threats until the explosives are triggered. This experiment will be the most familiar to veteran Requiem agents, as zombies will flow into the confined space where windows can be boarded up for temporary protection. Use your training to survive for as long as the timer states, and use power-ups and boarding up windows to maximize your chances of holding out."

Nachdem man das Primärziel erledigt hat, geht es weiter zu einem anderen Lichtsignal auf der Karte. Sobald es aktiviert wurde, erscheinen verschiedene Ausrüstungs-Möglichkeiten wie ein "Crafting-Table, Arsenal, Der Wunderfizz und eine Pack-a-Punch-Machine". Hat man sich genügend eingedeckt, steht die Entscheidung an, ob man sich per Dimensions-Portal an eine kniffligere Mission mit höherer Belohnung wagt oder ob man sich zur Evakuierungszone begibt. Fürs Überleben und die Aufgaben gibt es "große" XP-Belohnungen sowie drei Arten von Aetherium-Kristallen:

"- Raw Aetherium Crystals – Requiem agents know this resource well. These are used to upgrade Skills for Weapon Classes, Field Upgrades, Perks, and Ammo Mods through the first three Tiers of power.
- Refined Aetherium Crystals [NEW] – A more matured crystal structure. A greater energy source used to upgrade Skills to Tier 4.
- Flawless Aetherium Crystals [NEW] – This is the highest maturity an Aetherium Crystal can reach. This incredibly powerful resource is used to upgrade Skills to Tier 5."

Die zweite Season zu Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War und dem Battle-Royale-Modus "Warzone" beginnt am 25. Februar. Passend dazu soll es ein Kostenlos-Wochenende bis zum 4. März mit Mehrspieler- und Zombies-Inhalten wie dem Outbreak-Modus geben.

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