Hitman 3: Season of Pride gestartet; nächstes "Elusive Target" am 12. Mai

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Hitman 3: Season of Pride gestartet; nächstes "Elusive Target" am 12. Mai

Hitman 3 (Action-Adventure) von IO Interactive / Square Enix
Hitman 3 (Action-Adventure) von IO Interactive / Square Enix - Bildquelle: IO Interactive / Square Enix
Heute startet die "Season of Pride" mit dem zweiten Akt des DLCs "Seven Deadly Sins" in Hitman 3. Das Pride-Paket als Teil der Premium-Erweiterung "Seven Deadly Sins" enthält eine neue Eskalations-Mission in Chongqing (The Pride Profusion), zwei Waffen und einen Anzug.

Die kostenpflichtige Premium-Erweiterung "Seven Deadly Sins" umfasst sieben Inhaltspakete, die jeweils auf einer der sieben Todsünden basieren. Jedes Inhaltspaket enthält einen neuen Auftrag und freischaltbare Gegenstände zu der entsprechenden Sünde. Die Aufträge finden an bekannten Schauplätzen statt, sollen aber eigene "Spielmechaniken" bieten. Die Inhaltspakete werden in regelmäßigen Intervallen erscheinen. Jedes einzelne Inhaltspaket wird 4,99 Euro kosten. Der Erweiterungspass "Seven Deadly Sins" mit allen sieben Erweiterungen liegt bei 29,99 Euro. Die "Seven Deadly Sins" sind nicht im Deluxe Pack enthalten.

Die (kostenlosen) Live-Inhalte von Hitman 3 werden ebenfalls im Rahmen der "Seasons of Sin" veröffentlicht. Die heute gestartete "Season of Pride" wird noch bis zum 13. Juni dauern. Regelmäßige und kostenlose neue Inhalte für alle Besitzer des Spiels werden versprochen, z.B. Eskalationen, besondere Aufträge, saisonale Events und (auch neue) schwer fassbare Ziele. Hierzu gehört z.B. das nächste Elusive-Target in Mendoza am 12. Mai. Diesmal hat man zwölf Tage Zeit für den Kill ...

Letztes aktuelles Video: Season of Pride Roadmap Trailer

"Seven Deadly Sins Act 2: Pride (DLC) - The Seven Deadly Sins DLC continues with Act 2: Pride, taking you further into the mind of Agent 47. Prove yourself to be a proud assassin and gets your hands on some unique new gear and items; The Proud Swashbuckler, The Majestic and the Narcissus Suit can all be yours. Unlock them by playing the Pride Profusion Escalation, where you’ll be faced with different challenges, depending on the selections you make… Find the peacock to begin ... Each act of the Seven Deadly Sins be be purchased individually, or together at a reduced price as part of the Seven Deadly Sins Collection.

The Sebastian Principle (Tutorial Escalation): We start this month with a 'bonus' escalation, that acts as a tutorial (of sorts) for HITMAN 3 players. This Escalation will be available to all HITMAN 3 players, and it will be encouraged as the starting point for anyone playing the HITMAN 3 Free Starter Pack. (Just so we’re clear, this one isn’t aimed at experienced players, we’re happy to say that point blank.)

The Iconoclast (Elusive Target): HITMAN 3’s next Elusive Target arrives in Mendoza on May 12th. (Yes, in just two days! And yes, a Wednesday!) We're starting this one a little earlier than usual, but we're also giving you longer to play it. For 12 days, you’ll have one chance to infiltrate Mendoza and eliminate The Iconoclast. Once you’ve updated the game, you'll see the countdown clock for their exact arrival time already live in the game. We'll double and triple check that they leave as planned, too.

Location Rotation / The Icon (Sapienza): We're rotating in The Icon as the next location for all HITMAN 3 players to enjoy for a limited time. Sapienza by night, with a movie set taking over the plaza? Sounds like fun. Enjoy it between May 14 and May 23.

Spawn On Me / Featured Contracts: Two batches of Featured Contracts are on the roadmap for the Season of Pride. On 20 May, we hand over to Kahlief Adams, from the Spawn On Me podcast, to showcase their interpretation of a Pride-themed contract or three.

The Pasqual Consortium / Escalation
Head to Mendoza, commandeer Falcon and eliminate your targets in a new Escalation. No winter soldiers are needed when 47’s in town. Do him proud.

Location Rotation / Paris ... Make it big, bold and impossible to ignore. And with newly appointed head designer, Sebastian Sato at the helm, tonight’s show should be no exception. Cut!
(Play Paris for free starting on May 28 – June 6.)

The Black Hat / Elusive Target: The second Elusive Target this season takes you to Paris on the hunt for a Black Hat Hacker with a penchant for a certain alabama jam. Make sure they never taste it again. This Elusive Target also overlaps with the Paris Location Rotation, which will mean it’s available for HITMAN 3 owners and Free Starter Pack players.

Hitman Community / Featured Contracts: We're proud to have the Hitman Community back in the driving seat for the second batch of Featured Contracts. We'll soon share details about how to submit your contract. Hubris awaits.

Game Update
HITMAN 3's next major patch will arrive on June 14 to end the Season of Greed and start the next Season of Sin. The patch will prepare the game for all the new content arriving in that season as well as bring improvements, tweaks and fixes too."

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