Altdeus: Beyond Chronos: Anime-Adventure für Rift und Quest angekündigt

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Altdeus: Beyond Chronos - Anime-Adventure für Rift und Quest angekündigt

Altdeus: Beyond Chronos (Adventure) von MyDearest
Altdeus: Beyond Chronos (Adventure) von MyDearest - Bildquelle: MyDearest
MyDearest Inc. hat im Rahmen des Facebook-Connect-Events angekündigt, dass das VR-Anime-Adventure ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos am 3. Dezember 2020 für Oculus Rift und Quest erscheint. Die Fortsetzung zu "TOKYO CHRONOS, ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos" spielt 300 Jahre nach den Ereignissen aus dem ersten Titel und dreht sich u.a. um mächtige Mech-Anzüge.

Auf einem Rachetrip gegen den Mörder ihres Freundes schlüpft man in die Rolle von Chloe, einer aufgemotzten Supersoldatin:

"Giant beasts known only as Meteora wreak havoc in a futuristic Japan, where this young pilot must suit up in her giant mech with an unlikely cast of friends to challenge their fate.

Become a Makhia pilot from the seat of monstrous mecha suits reaching hundreds of meters tall and go head-to-head with frightening Meteora. Team up with Noa in the cockpit, Augmented Tokyo’s brilliant cyber diva, who serves as the new world’s last symbol of hope and trusted aid on the battlefield. During battle, Noa will guide the pace of every fight for Chloe’s life through changing songs and helpful instructions.

After intense battles between giant behemoths, choose between other gameplay modes as ALTDEUS brings pilots out of the cockpit and into Augmented Tokyo. Advance the story in adventure mode, where a twisting tale of intrigue leads to multiple endings and unexpected conclusions through Chloe’s dialogue choices. If adventure and battle are temporarily out of the question, visit Noa’s shining concert hall, where the enchanting diva will put on stunning virtual performances brought to life in VR. 

Encounter a charming cast of characters like the quick-tempered pilot of the Ares Makhia, Yamato Amanagi, Chloe’s best friend and motivation to keep fighting, Coco, and the mad genius of Prometheus, Julie, all designed by renowned character artist LAM. Suit up in stylish mechs created by the famous mecha designer I-IV (Aldnoah.Zero, 86, Re:Creators) and indulge in a virtual world crafted by all-star talent.

ALTDEUS delivers the quality and adventure expected of 2019’s TOKYO CHRONOS with even more bonuses. English voice acting implementation brings characters to life for new audiences while high energy inspiring J-Pop tunes from R!N Gemie (PROMARE, Attack on Titan Season 2) delight series fans.

“Working with virtual reality as a medium adds thrilling new dimensions to development and demands we create worlds that feel alive and enticing to explore,” said Haruki Kashiwakura, game director, MyDearest. “LAM’s character designs, I-IV’s mecha construction, and R!N Gemie’s heart-pounding music tracks have come together in an all-star team that completes the experience.”

ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos will be available on the Oculus Platform with English and Japanese voice acting and Chinese (Simplified), German, and French subtitles.

For more information, please visit the ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos official website, follow it on Facebook, Twitter, and search for #ALTDEUS on social media."

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