Kalypso Media: Kasedo Games übernimmt Mehrheit an den Bulwark Studios

von Marcel Kleffmann,

Kasedo Games übernimmt Mehrheit an den Bulwark Studios

Kalypso Media (Unternehmen) von Kalypso Media Group GmbH
Kalypso Media (Unternehmen) von Kalypso Media Group GmbH - Bildquelle: Kalypso Media Group GmbH
Kasedo Games hat die Mehrheit an den Bulwark Studios übernommen. Das französische Studio aus Angoulême hatte Crowntakers (2014) und Warhammer 40.000: Mechanicus (2018) entwickelt. Das nächste Projekt des Studios soll laut Jonathan Hales (Managing Director of Kasedo Games) im nächsten Monat angekündigt werden. Es ist das erste Studio, an dem Kasedo Games mehrheitlich beteiligt ist.

Kasedo Games ist das "Digital-First-Label" bzw. die "Indie-Sparte" von Kalypso Media und war u.a. für die Veröffentlichung von Distant Kingdoms (Early Access), Project Highrise, Rise of Industry und Filament zuständig.

"We are delighted to welcome Bulwark Studios into the Kasedo family and wider Kalypso Media Group. Having worked with Emmanuel, Jeremy & team for the best part of a decade, we already know the quality that they deliver", sagte Jonathan Hales, Managing Director of Kasedo Games. "Our next project together is already well underway and we have huge aspirations for its success. Knowing what we are due to announce next month and also the previous successes they have delivered for us in the past, it made total sense to do this deal now and invest in our bright collective future."

"The team at Kasedo Games have been really close to us since the beginning of our first project together and have continued to offer us a huge amount of support. As an indie studio it is a real pleasure to work with a flexible publisher capable of adapting and redefining their strategy as the project evolves", sagte Emmanuel Monnereau co-founder of Bulwark Studios. "We're really excited about what we've been working on and this deal was just a natural progression that will allow both companies to forge forward and create quality games."
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