Grim Dawn: Termin verschoben und mehr Umfang versprochen

Grim Dawn
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Grim Dawn - Termin verschoben und mehr Umfang versprochen

Grim Dawn (Rollenspiel) von
Grim Dawn (Rollenspiel) von - Bildquelle: Crate Entertainment
Eigentlich sollte die finale Version von Grim Dawn irgendwann im August erscheinen, aber Crate Entertainment kann den angepeilten Termin nicht einhalten. Schon die Alpha-Version stand deutlich später als geplant zur Verfügung.

Einen neuen Termin für das häufig als geistiger Nachfolger zu Titan Quest beschriebene Action-Rollenspiel wollten die Entwickler nicht nennen. Da sie jedoch recht konservativ mit den Kickstarter-Mitteln umgegangen seien, würde noch mehr als genug Geld zur Verfügung stehen. Dafür soll aber auch der Umfang des Spiels größer ausfallen.

"Alpha released several months later than expected and now August is upon us, which was our original KS estimated release but we’re still a long way from completion. We've gotten behind our original estimates for a variety of reasons and not just because delays are the popular thing to do.

The good news is that we’ve been conservative with our funds and expect we will still have a sufficient budget to carry us to the end of development. I want to give you all some insight though, into why development has been running behind. The following isn’t meant to be a list of excuses; only the explanation that I think you deserve."

"Some of it is the usual of the usual suspects - the creative process, spending time on revisions when we think things aren't good enough and adding in new features that we hadn't originally planned. We also went sort of nuts on “Act 1” and made it much longer than we originally anticipated. We said in the past that we were shooting for about a 15 hour finished game and a 2-3 hour play-through for the alpha area but many people are taking 10-15 hours to clear the alpha. The upside is that you'll be getting a larger game but, of course, that also adds time onto development. "

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