Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem: Early-Access-Update mit Kältewaffen und einem weiblichen Charaktermodell

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Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem - Early-Access-Update mit Kältewaffen und einem weiblichen Charaktermodell

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem (Rollenspiel) von Wolcen Studio
Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem (Rollenspiel) von Wolcen Studio - Bildquelle: Wolcen Studio
Für die Early-Access-Version von Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem ist ein fast acht GB großes Update auf Version 0.2.8 veröffentlicht worden. Das auf der CryEngine basierende Hack-&-Slay, das ehemals Umbra hieß, kann fortan auch mit einem weiblichen Charakter gespielt werden. Ansonsten haben die Entwickler die Level-Architektur im Gebiet "Mountain Cave" verbessert, auf Kälte basierende Waffen hinzugefügt, Bugs aus der Welt geschafft und die Performance optimiert.

Letztes aktuelles Video: Update 028 - Female Character

  • New: Female character!
  • You can now customize your character with following options:
    Skin color
    Morphology using 5 parameters: Fat, Muscular, Thin, Skinny and Bust
    6 haircuts with customizable colors
    11 eyes preset
  • Fixed: Mouse double click ignored 
  • Fixed: Various rare issues that would override player's character customization options 
  • Improved: Character list & character selection camera 
  • Modified: The location of the saves is now in "User/savegames/" 
  • Improved: Performances improvement related to skill use & damages 
  • New: Localization for Weapons and Armors!

  • Improved: Greatly improved visual quality of Mountain Cave architecture
  • Improved: Rendering of character selection 
  • Improved: deleted annoying vegetation 
  • Fixed: the prefab in the oblivion dungeon 
  • Fixed: reconnect navmesh at the driller location 
  • Fixed: Playerlight not disabled when going to character list from a dungeon

  • New: Female character!
  • Improved: feet of player entering in the ground in the menu 
  • Improved: Butcher behaviour 
  • Improved: Spider behaviour

  • New: Animations for new character female

  • New: Exit to desktop (community suggestion)
  • New: Match hair & beard colors (community suggestion) 
  • Improved: Slightly modified the appearance of the loot 
  • Fixed: A bug where magic trails weren't going all the way along the weapon. It also should fix a few visual artifacts with dynamic weapon trails. 
  • Fixed: Rare bug where the equipment wouldn't morph according to player's morphology 
  • Fixed: Rare save rollback 
  • Improved: small adjustments on the main resource HUD 
  • Improved: The Innkeeper is now displayed on the minimap 
  • Improved: New way to show the framerate

  • New: Cool weapons
  • Fixed: amulets and rings that increase Power now modify your current Umbra value and not just your max value. 
  • Fixed: Crash when player reaches level 30 
  • Modified: the way loot is balanced and calculated 
  • Modified: the way magic affixes are rolled, and their level calculated 
  • Fixed: Dungeon keeper not appearing at the beginning of the last quest 
  • Fixed: Bug with the luthor's quest

  • Improved: The localization files are now splitted into different .xml for better editing. They will be internally cleaned and organized in the future.
  • New: Localization for Weapons and Armors. 
  • Fixed: English typos 
  • Fixed: Missing strings EN / FR. 
  • Thanks again for all the community translations!

Known issues:
-There is still white flashes at the end of the first cave
-The player can get stuck, you can use the "stuck" command in the console if it happens
-Some animations are slow down

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