Survarium: Update 0.43 des Shooters im Video

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Survarium: Update 0.43 des Shooters im Video

Survarium (Shooter) von Vostok Games
Survarium (Shooter) von Vostok Games - Bildquelle: Vostok Games
Das Video zum Free-to-Play-Shooter Survarium zeigt Eindrücke der neuen Inhalte des Updates 0.43. Neben zahlreichen neuen Waffen bringt der Patch eine stärkere Visualisierung von Treffern. Survarium befindet sich momentan noch in der Early-Access-Phase.

Die Patchnotes geben einen vollständigen Überblick über das Update 0.43:


  • Changed the price and repair cost of many items.

  • Repair costs of premium items are now the same as those of their general counterparts.

  • Distance from which you can hear beeping of a sensor increased to 15 and 20 meters for throwing and stationary sensors correspondingly.

  • Players will now get a penalty warning after 3 minutes of inactivity (i.e. not scoring any points in the battle, and not receiving or inflicting damage).

  • If the player is inactive for 5 minutes, the match reward is halved, and the player doesn't get any ranked mode stars.


  • Respawn invulnerability on Tarakanovsky Fort and Cologne Bridge has been reduced to 3 seconds (down from 6).

  • Decreased the handrails sturdiness on Chemical Plant, Vostok Radar Station and Vector Laboratory. Now you can shoot though the handrails.

  • Changed the chance to penetrate all objects on all locations.

  • Reworked the lighting on Vector Laboratory.

  • Onyx artifact now increases armor instead of directly decreasing damage your character takes.

User Interface

  • Updated loading screens of Rudnya, School, Vostok Radar Station and Chemical Plant.

  • Players' ranks in League are now displayed in the match.

  • Cross size upon hitting an enemy now depends on the damage inflicted in the last 200 ms. The bigger the cross, the higher the damage.

  • Icons over the player characters show their defense vs. incoming damage. You can disable the icons in the game options.

  • The battle UI now shows the damage to your character's limbs.

  • Game console is disabled by default. To turn on the console, please launch the game with "-developer console" command line argument.

  • In-game shop has received a separate list with rare weapons.

Equipment and Weapons

  • You can now reroll the modifiers for spare parts and with no time restrictions.

  • It's is no longer possible to reroll a modifier every 6 hours using silver.

  • Reduced sight sway speed for all sniper weapons.

  • Effective distance of all shotguns increased to 20 meters.

  • Barrett M82: rate of fire decreased to 40 (down from 45).

  • ASh-12: rate of fire decreased to 600, damage decreased to 33.

  • Pancor Jackhammer: a new tier 10 rare automatic shotgun, Black Market.

  • L85A2: a new tier 8 rare assault rifle, Scavengers.

  • Fort-401: a new tier 8 light machine gun, The Fringe Settlers.

  • RPK-74M: now available on tier 8 of The Renaissance Army.

Technical Changes

  • Drawing characters during battle now depends on the individual players' pings.

  • Optimized multithreading for multi core processors.

  • Improved the compression of net packets.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the display of the MP5 muzzle modules.

  • Removed an invisible unpassable obstacle on one of the bases on London location.

  • Glow of the Forest artifact no longer falls down the fire pit on Mamayev Kurgan.

  • Removed an invisible damage dealing zone on London location.

  • Fixed Glow of the Forest spawn points inside the trains on Cologne Bridge location.

  • Information on the mini-map while waiting for respawn is now displayed correctly.

  • The game client no longer crashes when the same player simultaneously sets two sensors or totems.

  • Fixed display of progress for premium weapons and weapons with all modules already unlocked.

  • Fixed awarding of decals for joining a faction.

  • Fixed " Forest Superiority" achievement.

  • Fixed the mission in which you must achieve a certain accuracy in a battle.

  • Fixed display of progress in the League for lower ranks.

  • Fixed an issue with changing the face and name after completing the tutorial.

  • Fixed an issue with aim time modifier.

  • Fixed an issue when you could get into a low level match while wearing high level equipment.

  • Fixed several issues with weapon animation.

  • Fixed MP5 vertical recoil.

  • Fixed damage drop with distance for several weapons.

  • Fixed an issue when the same kill was displayed several times in the battle log.

  • Fixed exiting the game from the login screen.

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