Aaru's Awakening: Alpha-Spielszenen

Aaru's Awakening
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Aaru's Awakening: Alpha-Spielszenen

Aaru's Awakening (Plattformer) von
Aaru's Awakening (Plattformer) von - Bildquelle: Lumenox
In diesem Trailer zeigt Lumenox Alpha-Spielszenen zu ihrem Jump & Run Aaru's Awakening. Die Entwickler gehen auf Besonderheiten ein und verkünden den Release mit "Later this year".

Quelle: Steam green light

Lumenox: Aaru's Awakening is a hand drawn 2D action platformer. You are the champion of Dawn, Aaru. As you complete missions and explore the world of Lumenox, you must make the most of Aaru's highly mobile skills, teleportation and charging.

The world of Lumenox consists of a balance between Dawn, Day, Dusk and Night. But the balance is being compromised, a dark menace unlike anything this world has ever seen is fast approaching from the domain of Night. As a last hope Dawn sends out his champion, Aaru, to travel all the way to Night’s domain and restore balance. It is up to you to save the world of Lumenox.

Aaru's Awakening takes place in Lumenox - a fictional universe controlled by four entities. The world of Lumenox is created with a transcendent, dreamy art style that is completely drawn by hand. The music is carefully crafted to further your experience with dreamy hymns, that capture the mood of the game. The storyline is expressed through cinematic cut scenes. Everything is created to deliver the unique experience of the world of Lumenox.

Aaru's mobile skills are at the center of the gameplay - as he can both charge and teleport. These two elements are at the heart of every level design and intertwine to make up for a challenging and fluid experience.

Key Features:
  • Hand drawn art - Unique art style drawn completely by hand.

  • Compelling Story - Artistic narrated cut-scenes.

  • Dreamy Music - Dreamy hymns that immerse you into the Lumenox world

  • Lumenox Residents - Otherworldly inhabitants - who are full of strange agendas, such as extreme hunger for light, slime fetish and electricity lust.

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