The Solus Project: Early-Access-Update verbessert Technik und Spielmechanik

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The Solus Project: Early-Access-Update verbessert Technik und Spielmechanik

The Solus Project (Survival & Crafting) von Grip Digital
The Solus Project (Survival & Crafting) von Grip Digital - Bildquelle: Grip Digital
Für die Early-Access-Version von The Solus Project ist das Update auf Version 0.6 veröffentlicht worden (Größe: ca. 1,7 GB). Diesmal wurde der Umfang des Survival-Abenteuers auf einem fremden Planeten aber nicht erweitert, sondern vielmehr Technik und Spielmechanik überarbeitet. So wollen die Entwickler u.a. die Ladezeiten deutlich verkürzt, die allgemeine Performance zwischen fünf und zehn Prozent verbessert und diverse größere Bugs behoben haben (z.B. Alt-Tab-Bugs). Auch eine frühe Version der VR-Unterstützung für Oculus SDK 1.3 und HTC Vive ist mit dabei. Außerdem kann man beim Start fortan aussuchen, ob der Spieler-Charakter eine männliche oder weibliche Stimme haben soll.

  • Major behind the scene engine upgrade.
    -Much faster loading times
    -Various deep problems might have been fixed such as alt-tab bugs
    -Overall performance gain of 5-10% is expected but requires additional testing and feedback
    -Support for Oculus SDK 1.3 and Vive. Received little testing so far however due to time constrains so don't expect it to be rock solid yet. Further fixes coming.
    -Stereo renders VR. Scene is rendered once only for both eyes.
  • Can now select male or female player voice! Be Octavius Sken, or Octavia Sken! Subtitles here and there still lacking.
  • Upon the start of a new game can now select one single special item you took along from the ship for a game-long unchangeable bonus.
  • DirectX 10 is now supported (better).
  • Improved jumping
  • Most achievements can now be gotten. A few are still missing, and a rare few might be bugged..

  • FPC1 A doll now appears on returning with the key
  • HP and HPC levels various small issues and holes in geometry fixed
  • HP repeating audio fixed, which in turn possibly fixes the framedrops in the level.
  • Harder to pass the acid lake in HPC
  • If you run HPC in the reverse order can no longer have objectives overwrite each other
  • Are now given an extra torch before entering Ice Path
  • Cable at the start of the game replaced by a cargo net to cut open

  • There is now an alien water bottle, to fix people from encountering water puzzles and not having a bottle. Alien bottle looks cool but is rare. It holds more water than a normal bottle.
  • Campfires have a bigger heat range
  • Text flickers less when it is warm
  • New cheat solpush, teleports you 300 units forward through walls or doors
  • New cheat soldebug, shows debug text
  • Permanent food and water sources now give twice as much so you need to click less.
  • Bear and spike trap also triggered by items or teleporter disc now, so it makes a bit more sense.
  • Flamethrower warmer so you can better use it to warm up yourself
  • No longer checks for outdoor wind direction when underground leading to improved cave wind readings
  • Maximum number of stories you can find in the game now displays correct number (513).

  • PDA text slightly smaller to make translations fit more easily
  • Multiple fixes to non translating words left and right.
  • Cinematic cutscene borders added
  • Credits updated
  • The under development message top of the screen fades in and out during the game now, to prevent showing it all the time.

  • Newest Oculus (1.3) and Vive SDKs
  • Crash solved on load. If you still experience crashes ensure that DefaultGame.ini has loading screens UseLoadingScreens=False
  • First version of Vive motion controllers. Not perfect yet, but it kind of works. We will improve upon this in the coming weeks. If you wish to play without the motion controllers you must set HMDUseViveControllers=True to False in DefaultGame.ini in the SolusConfig folder. It will fall back on keyboard/Xbox360 gamepad.
  • Remember F12 is resetting your view while in VR. Oculus users should do this first before playing as we do not yet distinguish between Vive/Oculus!!
  • DefaultGame.ini has a property added to set the camera height + if the game detects it is a Vive running the game, it will force camera height 0. This is a first step to resolve the Vive forcing the wrong height on the game but likely won't fix all problems.
  • Chaperone area added for Vive.
  • The non VR game is now locked to non-VR only and cannot be toggled while playing anymore. Further VR/Non VR toggling will be removed in the future to make it easier for us behind the scenes.

  • Particle effects of items more optimized on lower end
  • Common FX optimized, in particular on low end and in caves.
  • Can now set shadow range with config ini file value for players who want to tweak it
  • Intro, extro and main menu background render faster
  • UFO has been remade and looks a lot better/fitting.
  • You can now also remove most of the dirt spots on the screen if Visor is False.
  • Most lens dirt now also hides in VR.

  • An explorer diary mode where you can re-read all previously found story elements, and get an overview on the number of things found per level.
  • Improved VR, in particular for Vive.

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