Slitherine: Vier strategische Wargames von Matrix Games angekündigt

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Vier strategische Wargames von Matrix Games angekündigt

Slitherine (Unternehmen) von Slitherine
Slitherine (Unternehmen) von Slitherine - Bildquelle: Slitherine
Matrix Games, die auf strategische Wargames spezialisierte Sparte von Sliterhine, hat vier Spiele angekündigt, die im Laufe des nächstes Jahres erscheinen werden. Angekündigt wurden War in the East 2, WarPlan Pacific, Decisive Campaigns Ardennes und Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm.

War in the East 2: "The most realistic and advanced wargame on Eastern Front warfare in World War 2. A complete overhaul and improvement of the original, with no stone left unturned to provide a more challenging strategy experience."

Decisive Campaigns Ardennes: "The fourth wargame in the Decisive Campaign series, it covers the battles in the Ardennes from December 1944 to January 1945. It brings to life operational wargaming by lowering the scale to just above tactical level."

Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm: "Just like the previous Flashpoint, Its focus is managing fast-tempo combined arms forces in the Cold War era, with an accurate representation (asymmetrical turns) of concepts relevant to warfare in the era."

WarPlan Pacific: "An operational level wargame which covers all the nations at war in the Pacific theatre from 1941 to 1945 on a massive scale. It uses the same game system as WarPlan Europe with additional features and improvements."

Marco Minoli (Marketing Director): "Hardcore Wargames are an essential part of our business. We never forget our core audience is there to play these games and we keep investing in growing the niche by partnering with the best developers to deliver great products. Keeping the Matrix Games brand alive and kicking is a challenge that we take up with pride and excitement every day."
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