The Flame in the Flood: Erstes Inhaltsupdate für die Early-Access-Version: Crafting, Balance und das Ödland

The Flame in the Flood
Erhältlich: Digital (Steam, GOG), Entwicklerseite
Erhältlich: Digital (Steam, GOG), Entwicklerseite
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Test: The Flame in the Flood
Test: The Flame in the Flood
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Keine Wertung vorhanden
Test: The Flame in the Flood
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The Flame in the Flood
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The Flame in the Flood - Erstes Inhaltsupdate für die Early-Access-Version: Crafting, Balance und das Ödland

The Flame in the Flood (Survival & Crafting) von The Molasses Flood / Curve Digital
The Flame in the Flood (Survival & Crafting) von The Molasses Flood / Curve Digital - Bildquelle: The Molasses Flood / Curve Digital
The Molasses Flood hat das erste große Inhaltsupdate für die Early-Access-Version von The Flame in the Flood (ab 13,49€ bei kaufen) via Steam veröffentlicht. Mit der Einführung der Werkbanken kommt der vollständige Crafting-Baum ins Spiel. Fortan kann man auch Pfeil-und-Bogen zu Jagdzwecken herstellen. Feuerstellen können nun überall platziert werden (nur nicht im Wasser). Ansonsten haben die Entwickler die Engine aktualisiert, die Balance in nahezu allen Bereichen optimiert und die Landschaftsregion "das Ödland" hinzugefügt. Alte Speicherstände funktionieren mit der neuen Version nicht mehr.

We've fixed a ton of bugs and added a bunch of new features. Noteworthy new features include:
  • Bow & Arrow - craftable bow & arrows, they can be used to hunt predators & rabbits
  • Wasteland Biome - A new environment to explore
  • Buildable Camp Fires - make fires anywhere (that's not in water)
  • Workbenches - finally, the full crafting tree is available
  • Major Tuning Work - as always, feedback is needed! Item frequency, biome progression, stack sizes, crafting recipes - everything has been touched a bit.

The full change list is as follows:
  • (NEW FEATURE) Warm weather can now heat the player up at the same rate that cold weather cools the player
  • (NEW FEATURE) Raft inventory can be focused on while away from the raft, but items remain unusable
  • (NEW FEATURE) Raft impacts no longer can cause broken bones, can cause the loss of a random item
  • (NEW FEATURE) New conversation UI
  • (NEW FEATURE) New Biome progression: added more challenging biomes to endless progression
  • (NEW FEATURE) Make rags option: clothing items can be deconstructed to rags once a stone knife is held
  • (NEW FEATURE) Improved UI: Inventory now scrolls to focused item
  • (NEW FEATURE) Fires no longer cause burns: blocking capsule added to lit fires
  • (NEW FEATURE) Engine upgrade to UE 4.9.2
  • (NEW FEATURE) Consume stack option: stacks of items can be consumed at once
  • (NEW FEATURE) Added Workbenches - located at Hardware Store & Gas Station Locations
  • (NEW FEATURE) Added Wasteland Biome
  • (NEW FEATURE) Added UI elements for Gas when motor upgrade is installed
  • (NEW FEATURE) Added UI alerts for raft upgrade state changes: water collector, stove, gas
  • (NEW FEATURE) Added tiny scratches affliction from brambles
  • (NEW FEATURE) Added some location specific loot boxes
  • (NEW FEATURE) Added particle FX when looting on the river
  • (NEW FEATURE) Added new hazards: brambles, poison ivy
  • (NEW FEATURE) Added many contextual tutorial hints
  • (NEW FEATURE) Added location specific information when docking
  • (NEW FEATURE) Added feather item: shoo crows to produce feathers
  • (NEW FEATURE) Added Craftable Fires
  • (NEW FEATURE) Added Bow & Arrow
  • (NEW FEATURE) Added blood spurts on arrow hit, spear trap hit
  • (NEW FEATURE) Added Biome Names with biome information
  • (TUNING) updated many crafting costs for various items
  • (TUNING) stack sizes for many items increased
  • (TUNING) item frequency increased for many item types (lumber, saplings)
  • (TUNING) Global temperature tuning pass
  • (TUNING) Changed raft damage calculation: Damage now based on speed and angle of impact
  • (BUG FIX) Added ability to leave pause menu with ESC key
  • (BUG FIX) Reduced efficacy of tainted meat: only attracts 1 wolf, only can be eaten once
  • (BUG FIX) Increased chance of encountering Magnolia NPC at gas station locations
  • (BUG FIX) Fixed mouse/keyboard input on loot containers
  • (BUG FIX) Fixed marina bug where UI would not update quickly enough when upgrades were applied
  • (BUG FIX) Fixed jar light on wake from sleep
  • (BUG FIX) Fixed issue with Temperature: air temp now affects the player’s body temp
  • (BUG FIX) Fixed issue with some blurry item icons
  • (BUG FIX) Fixed issue with blurry textures on road pieces
  • (BUG FIX) Fixed issue with bait becoming uncollectible if collection was attempted with a full inventory
  • (BUG FIX) Fixed issue where water collector would stop functioning after save restore
  • (BUG FIX) Endless Mode games no longer give the 'high ground' campaign quest
  • (BUG FIX) Changed rain timer to reset on biome transitions
  • (BUG FIX) Added full controller support for the options screen

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