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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada
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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada - Zweiter Patch und Pläne für die Zukunft

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada (Strategie) von Focus Home Interactive
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada (Strategie) von Focus Home Interactive - Bildquelle: Focus Home Interactive
Für Battlefleet Gothic: Armada ist der zweite Patch veröffentlicht worden, der hauptsächlich Bugs und Absturzursachen aus der Welt schaffen soll. In den nächsten Wochen wollen die Entwickler den Chat verbessern, das regionale Matchmaking überarbeiten (neues ELO-System) und benutzerdefinierte Online-Matches gegen Freunde einführen (1vs1, 2vs2). In den nächsten Monaten sollen die Flotte der Space Marines (DLC), Rang-Matches (globale Bestenlisten) und Elite-Schlachten gegen immer stärker werdende Computergegner (inkl. Bestenlisten) hinzugefügt werden. Darüber hinaus dürfen zwei Spieler gegen zwei Computergegner antreten und auch vordefinierte Muster (Fertigkeiten und Verhaltensmuster) wird man im Raumdock auswählen dürfen. Danach sollen die Tau-Flotte, neue Fähigkeiten für alle Fraktionen, einsehbare Profile & Statistiken pro Admiral und auswählbare Farben für die eigenen Schiffe folgen.

Bug Fix
  • Fixed a bug causing the torpedoes still on the battlefield to “fall” in the ending mission cutscene.
  • Possible fix for a crash involving the close defence turret system.
  • Fixed a bug allowing to move and rotate the camera while the Escap menu was open.
  • Fixed a bug allowing to use the special manoeuvres gauge after a “Mezoa Pattern Drive” engine critical damage.
  • Fixed a bug preventing to open the shipyard again if the player closes it without buying a ship.
  • A comma has been added to the “Hull Integrity value” to display a correct number.
  • Fixed a bug hiding the Chaos missile pod turrets while a favour was placed on the ship.
  • Fixed an issue about some Eldar Upgrades misplaced in the Docks GUI.
  • Fixed a bug disabling the possibility to save/load campaign saves if certain characters were used in the name.
  • Fixed a bug that doesn’t triggers the cooldown of the “Reinforcement” Skill while in Automatic launch, allowing to use it twice, for guests.
  • Fixed a bug reducing the ship’s speed in case of engines destroyed if the generator security team upgrade was fitted.
  • Fixed a bug on the traktor kannon feedback which considers Space Stations and Defence Platforms to be valid targets.
  • Fixed a bug on the skills’ cooldown showing “0”, instead of refreshing the skill.
  • Fixed a bug that forbid the player to win the “Nemesis Destruction” reward correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that showed a wrong Feedback size for the Nova Cannon explosion.
  • Fixed a bug on the “Distress Signal” mission that gives a negative renown reward.
  • Possible fix of a crash caused by torpedoes.
  • Possible fix of a bug disabling the possibility for the guest to use his skills.
  • Fixed a bug allowing to see Tzeentch and Nurgle FX at the center of the map during the deployment phase.
  • Fixed a crash caused by the Asteroid fields damage.
  • Fixed a bug on the Invitation button not working properly.
  • Fixed an issue that locked the camera out of the map without any possibility to recover the control of the camera.

  • New FX added to the Ork Mega Kannonz.
  • New FX added to the Disruptive Bomb.
  • New FX added to the Plasma Macro-Weapon projectile.
  • New FX added to the Zzap Kannon.
  • New FX added to Boardings.
  • New FX added to Augure Disruptor.
  • New FX added to the Plasma Bomb.
  • Imperial Navy Favor of Adeptus Mechanicus Color Pattern slightly improved.
  • Fixed the Melta torpedoes which had wrong 3D meshes.
  • Fixed a bug on the Warp FX in assassination.
  • Fixed a bug displaying the wrong critical damages icons on some skills buttons.

  • Team chat now available using shift+enter.
  • A critical damage “Weapon” can now be seen on the torpedo skills if the torpedo launcher is destroyed.
  • An icon for a destroyed prow has been added. It will show as a critical damage if the prow of a ship is destroyed.

  • Matchmaking now takes account of your invisible Elo ranking to match you with a suitable opponent.

  • Various additions and modifications in texts.
  • Fixed a localization error on the Moving Camera inputs being in English in all language.

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Quelle: Tindalos Interactive und Focus Home Interactive


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