P.A.M.E.L.A.: Early-Access-Update bringt Nirvana-Gebiet und überarbeitet das Herstellungssystem

Publisher: Nvyve Studios
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P.A.M.E.L.A. - Early-Access-Update bringt Nirvana-Gebiet und überarbeitet das Herstellungssystem

P.A.M.E.L.A. (Action-Adventure) von Nvyve Studios
P.A.M.E.L.A. (Action-Adventure) von Nvyve Studios - Bildquelle: Nvyve Studios
Nach längerer Update-Pause ist P.A.M.E.L.A. mit dem großen Early-Access-Update versorgt worden. Das "Nirvana Update" fügt ein neues Gebiet unterhalb der Oberfläche von Eden hinzu. Außerdem wurde das Herstellungssystem komplett überarbeitet - weniger Komponenten sind fortan erforderlich. Zudem wurde die Anzahl der Sammelobjekte reduziert. Man soll nun mehr Gegenstände als Beute von Gegnern erhalten oder in der Umgebung finden.

Das große Feature "Level Streaming" ist in diesem Update nicht enthalten, da die NVYVE Studios einen Bug bei der Unity-Engine entdeckt hatten und dieses Problem erst mit den Engine-Entwicklern behoben werden muss. In nächster Zeit sollen eine weitere Waffe, mehr Fähigkeiten von P.A.M.E.L.A., Story-Inhalte, mehr Gegner und neue Umgebungen eingebaut werden.

  • New District: Nirvana! It can be accessed via an elevator at the far end of the Oasis courtyard, opposite from Arcadia. Have fun exploring this huge new area!
  • Massive Crafting system overhaul; see this post for full details
  • Added craftable Canteens
  • Added craftable Ion Cores
  • Added character sliding on steep ledges to prevent player reaching undesireable areas

  • The Map Menu now shows POI icons for kiosks, locked doors, Power Stations, Power Switches, and more
  • Shield Pylon walls now flash red to indicate when they are taking damage
  • Improved positioning on pop up icons when looking at items in the world, for increased legibility, as well as smoothed out their on/off transitions
  • Sleep menu now fades on and off more nicely
  • Added Guaranteed items to each type of Kiosk so that player does not rely completely on RNG for items like Power Cells, etc.
  • Improved flashiness of spending a point in the Genome Point upgrading menu
  • Improved melee weapons' hitboxes for more reliable hit dectection
  • Improved melee weapons' camera shake
  • Added controller button for Pickup All in containers
  • Controller vibration can now be disabled
  • Added ability to revert to default settings in control menu using controller
  • Added callouts for LB / RB on controller in Inventory menu to switch tabs
  • Added radius display when in deploy mode for Power Transmitters to get a better idea of their build radius before placement

  • Stalker's pathfinding has been improved to react better around buildables
  • Fixed bug with Vanishing Shield not properly making player invisible to NPCs
  • Fixed rare input bug that could occur in the tutorial menu
  • Added invisible colliders to prevent player from falling into certain undesirable areas
  • Fixed weapons not always deactivating properly when switching from fore to dorsal attachment slot
  • Fixed some typos on Power Stations
  • Fixed bug with Cyanotubes in which they sometimes spawned in as repaired rather than destroyed
  • Fixed some typos on elevator UI
  • Removed unused radial menu for NPCs
  • Fixed bug in which if the player died during looting something, the overlay would never disappear and not allow any further interaction with the game
  • Fixed a bug with dying while inventory is open
  • Discharge PAMELA Ability upgrades now properly upgrade the force and radius of the attack
  • Guidance PAMELA Ability upgrades now properly upgrade the strength of the light
  • Enhance PAMELA Ability upgrades now properly upgrade the damage of the ability
  • Fixed bug with shield idle not playing properly
  • Fixed bug in which hands would not properly lower after combat
  • Fixed obscure bug with opening IVG quickly while looking at an item breaking it
  • Added camera bob to Warden's first
  • Fixed bug with Butcher's Blade that hit enemies multiple times with one swing
  • PAMELA Abilities now correctly use up District power when used
  • PAMELA Abilities are now correctly unavailable in "No Power" mode; make sure to stay at least in Emergency Mode to be able to use abilities!
  • Status menu now correctly updates with game time
  • PAMELA Abilities can now be used while running
  • Fixed bug in which opening and closing radial menu quickly can block primary attack input
  • Fixed a delay in melee weapon attack input
  • PAMELA Abilities now display a flytext notification when they come off cooldown
  • Weapon sounds now correctly follow player to sound more accuracte when used
  • Arc Welder alternate fire SFX now properly despawn
  • Tutorial popups now work correctly with controller
  • Fixed instances of player cursor appearing when it is not supposed to
  • Fixed certain buttons not being available in certain menus even though they are not being overriden by that menu (for example, you can now turn on/off the flashlight with the IVG open)
  • Fixed some movement inconsistencies between keyboard and controller
  • FIxed inventory text to properly display contoller controls
  • Tweaked cryo bay brightness
  • Thumbsticks now correctly allow menu navigation in all relevant menus
  • Fixed bug with player corpse menu sticking on screen if inventory is opened with "I" key while menu is already open
  • Smoothed out icon transition between inventory and crafting menus
  • Fixed bug with pausing while sleeping
  • Fixed loading issue with pylons not connecting to walls properly
  • Fixed bug with game displaying incorrect version number in main menu
  • Fixed bug where switching aim more from free aim to fixed during gameplay would break aiming until game is reloaded
  • Fixed containers missing their colliders
  • Fixed one of the Garrison cryo bars not properly unlocking Garrison spawn bay
  • Promenade district is now visible from slightly further away to reduce visual inconsistencies
  • Fixed blood on screen effect not showing up properly when game is reloaded
  • Fixed many misc issues with doors locking and unlocking

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