Descent: Europa-Server, Survival-Modus und Verbesserungen

Publisher: Little Orbit
Q1 2019
Q1 2019
Q1 2019
Q1 2019
Q1 2019
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Q1 2019
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Descent: Underground - Europa-Server, Survival-Modus und weitere Verbesserungen

Descent (Shooter) von Little Orbit
Descent (Shooter) von Little Orbit - Bildquelle: Little Orbit
Für die Early-Access-Version von Descent: Underground ist das Crusoe-Update (2451) veröffentlicht worden. Es umfasst den Survival-Modus (Horde-Modus; kooperativ spielbar), den Modus "Miner Mayhem" (Capture-the-Flag-Variante), eine neue Karte, 3D-Power-Ups sowie Verbesserungen bei der Performance und bei der Benutzeroberfläche. Außerdem gibt es fortan Server in Europa (Change-Log).

NEW STUFF & Patch Notes (2451)
    • SURVIVAL MODE - How long can you survive when the mine itself is trying to destroy you? Play co-op with up to three other players and try to hold out until help arrives!
      • Survival is currently available on Charon.
      • Destroy hostile bots (they get harder and smarter over time!)
      • Capture all of the active nanofactory control relays to respawn fallen comrades and repair your ship.
      • Bring a Shaman to heal teammates!
      • New medal progression for Survival mode - gotta catch 'em all!
    • MINER MAYHEM - Search for lost miners, pick them up, and capture, er... liberate, um... rescue them by returning them to your team's base!
      • Miner Mayhem is currently available on Colosseum and Rama.
      • Minimum players is 4.
    • Create a match to fully suit your preferences: the match creation menu now allows configuration of many match parameters!
    • Click "Change Match Settings" to set your preferences if you change your mind while in the lobby.
    • You will stay with the same people after a match ends unless you choose to go back to the Drone Bay.
    • Some game modes and maps may not appear if the number of players currently in your lobby exceeds the maximum allowed player count for those particular modes (for example, a lobby with 5 players in it will not show Charon-Survival as an option).
    • You can change drone selection in the match lobby! And you can see what the other players are going to be flying as well!
  • DRONE BAY REARRANGEMENT - the Drone Bay UI has gotten a bit of a facelift.
    • The back and options buttons have been moved to be more consistent with other menus.
    • In addition, there is now a separate "exit" button, so that you no longer have to go back to the title screen to exit the game from the Drone Bay.
    • Drone selection has been changed to a 2D element of the UI, finally resolving the issues with varying aspect ratios cutting off the ends of the menu. In addition, this has allowed in-lobby drone selection.
  • SINGLEPLAYER MENU - From the Drone Bay, you can select map and game modes for offline play, including Survival mode!
  • EUROPEAN SERVERS - You can select "Europe" or "North America" as a server location! You can set your default preference in the Gameplay Options menu.
  • NEW MAPS - CHARON - A defunct mine, purchased at auction from the bankrupt Kessel corporation. Built for Survival mode, Charon might be shut down, but is it really... abandoned?
  • NEW MEDALS - More per-match awards! In addition to longer kill streaks and Survival awards, we have medals unique to the Panzer, Warlock, and Shaman!
  • SHIP MAKEOVER - All ships except the Shaman and Warlock have gotten new paint jobs! Player ships now sport a tan-and-black color scheme, while enemy bots are now painted a terrifying red.
  • WEAPON POSITION ADJUSTMENTS - The guns on many of the ships have been moved out a little bit to allow better shot coverage and to not clip through the cockpit.
  • 3D POWER-UPS - Our power-ups went off their diet and are now much less flat.
  • DEACTIVATOR - Concussion Missiles and Frag Cannons now display and appear properly when stolen. The Deactivator now consumes energy and loses targets outside the beam as intended.
  • GAME MODE REFINEMENTS - Game modes have been adjusted to refocus victory conditions on the actual objective of the match, and the scoreboard now sorts accounting for this.
  • FRAG CANNON UPDATE - The Frag Cannon has finally gotten its own muzzle and its HUD icon has been updated to match.
  • NEW SOUND CATEGORIES - "Voice" and "Environment" have been added to the sound settings menu. No longer will the round doors and lava give people tinnitus.
  • The Panzer's Blast Shield now consumes less energy from damage absorption. Panzers should be able to hold out longer as they defend their allies from incoming fire.
  • Bots will no longer be able to instantly fire as soon as they spawn.
  • Destructible Grates should now all have a consistent look.
  • Players earning Medals is once more announced in the log!
  • On-HUD medal announcements now last a little longer for better visibility.
  • Weapons mysteriously started to ignore players' auto-switch configuration in the last release. This has been fixed.
  • The death roll has returned from its vacation.
  • Missile lock warning has been fixed.
  • Clicking any exit button will now bring up a dialog asking if you're sure you want to quit D:U.
  • Locked/secure doors now only send a message once per second when a player fails to open them.
  • The cockpit material has been improved.
  • Performance on a number of maps has been improved.
  • Menu screens no longer allow dangerously high framerates.
  • Our attempt to put the bots through anger management has failed- they will now growl ferociously again.
  • Major bug assassinations.
  • Minor bug fixes and tweaks.

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