Master of Orion: Early-Access-Patch #1 bringt größere Planetenvielfalt und verbessert die Computerintelligenz

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Master of Orion: Erster Early-Access-Patch bringt größere Planetenvielfalt und verbessert die Computerintelligenz

Master of Orion (Taktik & Strategie) von Wargaming / WG Labs
Master of Orion (Taktik & Strategie) von Wargaming / WG Labs - Bildquelle: Wargaming / WG Labs
Für die Early-Access-Version von Master of Orion ist der erste Patch veröffentlicht worden. Der Patch soll die Computerintelligenz verbessern, eine größere Planetenvielfalt bei der Erstellung der Galaxie bieten, die Balance überarbeiten und sowohl Ausmaß als auch Geschwindigkeit der taktischen Schlachten verbessern, um Platz für ein größeres Spielfeld zu machen.

  • Added flag checkbox to un-colonized planets.
  • Fixed soft-lock in victory/defeat popup.
  • Fixed soft-lock in Planet Review.
  • Fixed issue on fleets visibility after Share Charts.
  • Fixed Fleet Icon visibility when different fleet hull sizes are docked in the same navigation node.
  • Fixed Fleet Icon in the Galaxy map when fleets depart to an anomalies.
  • [Ship Design] Fixed exploit that allowed to create fully loaded ships paying as empty ships.
  • Fixed issue with Galaxy Generator (Orbital distribution).
  • Turn limit indicator removed in path to victory when Excellence Victory disabled.
  • Now the Game acknowledges that it can't store save games and popups a warning.
  • Fixed freeze when demanding a Colony at the same time as asking for a vote in the Galactic Council.
  • [Galactic Council] Changed trigger condition from all races knowing both candidates to all races knowing each other.
  • [Galactic Council] Implement a minimum turn for triggering galactic council.
  • [Balance] Galaxy ages are now more different from each other (MoO2 style).
  • [Balance] Large and Huge planets chances slightly increased in the Galaxy Generator.
  • [Balance] Changed BC progression and starting structures upkeep.
  • [Balance] Costs for Ship Upgrade and Buyout increased.
  • [Balance] Command Points exceeded changed from 10 to 20BC.
  • [Balance] Marine barracks now give +5% Morale.
  • [Balance] Capitol morale bonus reduced to 25% (from 30% ).
  • [Balance] AI Opening now end at turn 1 (AI performs better with this restriction).
  • [Morale] Taxes start affecting morale with 1BC per population.
  • [Morale] Race base morale now starts at 100%
  • [Balance] Removed the cohesive trait from races that used it (it improves AI's colonization and defenses as they play in a more pack style).
  • [Balance] Biome chances modified in the Galaxy Generator.
  • [AI] Changes in Production: removed order in production rating, top priority production bypasses global ETA limit, added the worker income bonus to structures scoring, avoid idle production in colonies while trade goods is not available, colony ships changed priority from top to high.
  • [AI] On full defense, disabled below high priority to engage targets.
  • [AI] Lowered priorities for pirate bombardment and engaging.
  • [AI] Added conditions to Demand Evaluation. Will now reject demands that demand more than 1 colony, or a colony in a system with more colonies.
  • [AI] Added fatigue after a demand is accepted: FATIGUE_DEMAND. Now set in 25 turns.
  • [AI] Added ship upgrade (ship refit)
  • [AI] Bug fix for military retreat.
  • [Tactical] Fixed FX for Torpedoes.
  • [Tactical] Fixed Anti-Missile Rockets.
  • [Tactical] Optimization for defensive weapons.
  • [Tactical] Proton Torpedo exception fixed!
  • [Tactical] Added one more ring on the big battlefield grid.
  • [Tactical] Tweaked scales for ships now contemplates pirates.
  • [Tactical] fixed the big battlefield limits.
  • [UI] Tweaks for alternative multiline tooltip. Modifiers rows support multiline now.
  • [UI] Fixed black squares appearing on the interface.
  • [Techtree] Updated all technology images.
  • [UI] Added max population on known planets and planet tooltip.
  • [UI] Fixed issue with colonies list docking when the player had around 20 colonies or more.
  • [UI] Fixed strike population on colonies text fields.
  • [Ship Design] Disable models and decals for Pixel Ships in Ship Design.
  • [Diplomacy] Fix Memory Rebuked line on some rejected demands.
  • [Diplomacy] Share Charts will only be asked to civilizations with whom I have enough disposition, and know at least 3 stars I don't know
  • [Multiplayer] Fixed issue when Player 1 upgrades ships, Player 2 can observe Player's 1 fleet info block on the left bottom corner.
  • [Localization] Ships module update.
  • [Localization] Updated "Thanks for participating in the Early Access" message.
  • [Localization] Changed Language Detection to set English or Russian Language.
  • [Localization] First recommendation added in all Welcome descriptions.
  • [Tooltips] Changed Low and High gravity tooltips.
  • [SFX] Warp sounds added.
  • [SFX] Notification sound updated.
  • [SFX] Placeholder explosion sounds updated.
  • [SFX] Added new Galactic Council theme.
  • [Music] Restart Music during Audience if the AI changed disposition

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