Heckpoint: Explosives Pixelchaos auf Steam erschienen

Entwickler: Nodacoy Games, Jadan Bliss
Publisher: Rooster Republic LLC
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Heckpoint: Explosives Pixelchaos auf Steam erschienen

Heckpoint () von Rooster Republic LLC
Heckpoint () von Rooster Republic LLC - Bildquelle: Rooster Republic LLC
Freunde pixeliger Retro-Action im Stil von Broforce könnten Gefallen an Heckpoint finden: Das Arcade-Spiel von Nodacoy Games, Jadan Bliss und Publisher Rooster Republic LLC ist ab sofort auf Steam erhältlich. Eine Besonderheit ist laut Beschreibung, dass sich fast alles und jeder in die Luft jagen lässt - dementsprechend viel ist im Trailer auf dem Bildschirm los. Geboten werden sieben Welten, 12 Charaktere, mehr als 70 Waffen und prozedural generierte Levels.


  • Cut a path through eight procedurally generated worlds, destroying the environment and every enemy in sight. Soar the skies, or engage in up-close combat. Defeat the final boss and activate the obelisk to unlock the next world, or hone your skills in Spooky World or T Day!
  • 12 characters with unique personalities, weapons, and abilities
  • 70+ upgrades to stats, weapons, and abilities, unlockable by collecting and trading strange matter found in-game. Hundreds of possible combinations to build in your load-out!
  • Permanently upgrade stats at the Gene Works
  • Destroy grenades and reflect enemy lasers with your melee attacks. Instant karma!
  • Dive out of the sky with a powerful melee attack to smash ground based enemies
  • A frozen world with a treacherous surface. Apocalyptic worlds that naturally rain meteors
  • Elite versions of enemies with increased health and damage who drop more strange matter
  • Try to fly too long above the battlefield and watch as the game punishes you for cowardice with a hailstorm of meteors
  • A mini-boss and unique final boss who guards the path to the obelisk in each level
  • Customize your load-out with up to 8 slots of possible combinations of the 70+ weapons, specials, or stat enhancements to tailor your approach to battle.
  • Four ways to play: three challenging runs, and one endless stream of annihilation.

    NORMAL - The most accessible way to practice and play. No flying enemies, no deadly glitch field, and only a handful of elites after the miniboss let you get to grips with the game. The catch? Loot isn't quite as valuable.

    ENDLESS - The battle goes on forever here. There is no obelisk to reach, it is only you against the unstoppable horde. How far can you go?

    ONSLAUGHT - The number of elite enemies increases. Harder foes and a midpoint mini-boss join the battle and deep in the world rests the obelisk, a strange artifact that destroys and resets the world.

    WARPATH - The game pushes forward for an even more frantic battle. There is no time to stop and think. Behind you, the glitch field eats up the world. Your skills will be pushed to the limit!
  • An original and expanding soundtrack from Two Iron Fists"

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