Killzone: Shadow Fall: Patch 1.05 steht bereit

Killzone: Shadow Fall
Publisher: Sony
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Killzone: Shadow Fall - Patch 1.05 steht bereit

Killzone: Shadow Fall (Shooter) von Sony
Killzone: Shadow Fall (Shooter) von Sony - Bildquelle: Sony
Patch 1.05 für Killzone: Shadow Fall steht bereit: Das Update fügt eine Steuerungsoption für Linkshänder (nur Analog-Sticks) hinzu und verkürzt das Ende der Kampagne "Secure the Target" basierend auf dem Feedback der Spieler. Zudem wurden mehrere Fehler der Benutzeroberfläche behoben.

"This update introduces several improvements and a new feature, based directly on your feedback:
  • The controller options menu now offers support for left-handed players. Please note that this change only affects the analog sticks, not the shoulder buttons or the triggers.
  • The end section of single-player campaign chapter 7, "Secure the Target", has been shortened based on player feedback.
  • In single-player campaign chapter 8, "Outcast", the collision ceiling has been raised to allow players to fly over certain buildings, instead of crashing into them. This should result in less overall player deaths.
  • Various bugs fixes:
    -Several UI issues fixed
    -Error messages in Multiplayer amended to have better indication of the error
    -Edge-case crashes related to friends lists fixed
    -Additional integrity fixes for the patching system

Patch v1.05 should download and install automatically, but in rare instances where this doesn't happen you may encounter an error message when you try to enter a multiplayer match. If this is the case, please reboot your PS4 to begin the patch installation process. The integrity fix included with patch v1.05 will prevent this error from reoccurring in the future."

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