How to Survive 2: Early-Access-Update mit "Finishing Moves" und mehr -

Publisher: 505 Games
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How to Survive 2
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How to Survive 2: Early-Access-Update mit "Finishing Moves" und mehr

How to Survive 2 (Action) von 505 Games
How to Survive 2 (Action) von 505 Games - Bildquelle: 505 Games
Für die Early-Access-Version von How To Survive 2 ist ein Inhaltsupdate veröffentlicht worden - zugleich wird das Zombie-lastige Überlebensspiel zum reduzierten Preis (4,49 Euro) angeboten. Mit dem Update fügen die Entwickler "brutale Finishing Moves" sowie das dynamische Wettersystem hinzu und verbessern die Gamepad-Steuerung. Auch die "Night Fiends" kehren zurück.

HTS2 - Beta Update March, the 31th, patched live April 7
  • Keep children away! Finishing moves are here!!!
    • Added dismemberment & gore effects
    • Heads burst with head shots and charged strikes
    • Infected release bigger blood stains, bloody slashes
  • The long awaited return of the Night Fiends! In an even deadlier version, you will fear the night!
  • Cycling weather is now active in the camp (sun / dry or wet storm / hard rain)
  • Added new "Extra storage" skill allowing you to increase your carrying capacity
  • A "Logbook" tab has been added to the avatar's interface to remind the players in which raids they have found their resources
    • This location history of resources also appears by hovering the mouse on the recipes' components
  • Added language support
    • Brazilian Portuguese
    • Japanese
    • Simplified Chinese
  • Improved auto-lock of distant weapons (easier to change target) (Gamepad controls)
  • Better melee lock (Gamepad controls)
  • Reskin of some GUI including backgrounds, tab pictures and more filters to sort the inventories, skills list, recipes, etc.
  • Reskin of modules' interface
  • Recipes can be filtered in the camp, character and buildings' crafting tabs
  • Improvement and fix Clifton's 6th quest (for 2 players)
  • Improvement and fix of movable objects
  • Weapon mesh in modules menu position fix with all screen ratios

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Quelle: 505 Games


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