Xbox Series X: Update für Series- und One-Konsolen ergänzt dynamische Hintergründe und Auto-HDR-Kennzeichnung

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Xbox Series X: Update für Series- und One-Konsolen ergänzt dynamische Hintergründe und Auto-HDR-Kennzeichnung

Xbox Series X (Hardware) von Microsoft
Xbox Series X (Hardware) von Microsoft - Bildquelle: Microsoft
Besitzer einer Xbox Series X (ab 529,90€ bei kaufen) oder Series S können ihr Dashboard neuerdings mit dynamischen Hintergründen genauer an ihre Designvorlieben anpassen. Und sie erkennen künftig leichter, welche alten Titel für ihre neue Konsole optimiert oder mit automatisch generierter HDR-Beleuchtung aufgemotzt werden. Möglich wird das durch ein System-Update, welches laut derzeit für alle Modelle der Geräte-Familen Series X/S und Xbox One ausgerollt wird.

Den Einsatz von "Auto HDR" erkennt man auf der Series X/S an einem entsprechenden Logo, wenn man während des laufenden Spiels den übergeordneten Guide-Bildschirm öffnet.

Screenshot - Xbox Series X (XboxSeriesX)

Screenshot - Xbox Series X (XboxSeriesX)

Screenshot - Xbox Series X (XboxSeriesX)

Screenshot - Xbox Series X (XboxSeriesX)

Screenshot - Xbox Series X (XboxSeriesX)

Screenshot - Xbox Series X (XboxSeriesX)

In der Spiele-Biblliothek lässt sich auf einen Blick einsehen, welche alten Titel für Xbox Series X/S optimiert wurden - und zwar anhand eines "X|S"-Logos. Wer möchte, kann die Spiele auch entsprechend nach optimierten Titeln filtern. Hier die weiteren Neuerungen von in der Übersicht, die "Insider"-Mitgliedern schon früher zur Verfügung standen:


- The November 2020 Xbox Console Update is beginning to roll out for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One family of devices.
- Xbox Series X|S owners get more dynamic background options and an Auto HDR indicator in the guide.
- “Optimized for X|S” badges make it easy to know which games are ready for Xbox Series X|S.
- Xbox Game Pass members can browse and pre-load games with a new Coming Soon section.

This month marked the start of the next generation of console gaming on Xbox with the release of Xbox Series X|S, and Team Xbox is excited to continue bringing new ways to make your experience on Xbox even better. Just like we’ve done on Xbox One, we will continue to periodically release software updates designed to improve your Xbox gaming experience based on your feedback, including both delivering you new features and fixing bugs. This month’s release includes new options for dynamic backgrounds, new “Optimized for Xbox Series X|S” badges that make it easier to know which games are optimized for the next generation, a new way to discover games in Xbox Game Pass, the ability to add existing Xbox family members to a new console, and the usual bug fixes and performance improvements.

Personalize your Xbox Series X|S with new dynamic background designs

Dynamic backgrounds are a new feature for Xbox Series X|S, giving gamers the ability to customize their home screen with motion and color. This update adds six new options, including homages to previous generations of Xbox consoles and others based on popular profile themes. Initial fan feedback on the feature has been very positive, and we’re excited to explore additional styles, colors, and designs. You can expect the team to continue adding new dynamic backgrounds in future Xbox console updates!
November Xbox Update

Identify which games are using Auto HDR with new tech tags

Xbox Series X|S is the best place to play thousands of games from across four generations of Xbox. Besides decreased load times and improved frame rates, Xbox Series X|S customers enjoy improved visual quality with a feature called Auto HDR. When the Auto HDR setting is turned on in your console, it can improve the visual quality of a game without changing its overall look with no additional work from the developer. When you open the guide during a game with Auto HDR running, you’ll see a new tag to let you know the game is benefiting from this feature.
November Xbox Update

“Optimized for Series X|S” badges let you know which games are optimized

Xbox launched over 30 games fully optimized for Series X|S, including Assassins Creed: Valhalla, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and The Falconeer. Many of your favorite Xbox One games – including Gears 5, Forza Horizon 4, and Ori and the Will of the Wisps – have released updates to take advantage of the increased performance of Xbox Series X|S. To make it easier to see which of your games have been optimized, we’ve added an “X|S” badge to their tiles in My Games and Apps, in both the Games and Full Library views. You can also use the Filter button to see only “Optimized for Xbox Series X|S” games.
November Xbox Update

Check your achievement status in the Game Activity tab

The Game Activity tab is your single place in the guide to explore things to do in the game you’re currently playing. Hunt those achievements, easily join your friends or others playing the game, or discover in-game events, right from the comfort of the guide!
November Xbox Update

Add family member accounts during setup

In September we launched the Xbox Family Settings app on Android and iOS. Right from their phone, parents and caregivers can easily create child accounts, update screen time limits, respond to notifications, and much more. As a result, many gamers are already using family settings on Xbox today. And, those gamers with existing Xbox families will now be able to add family members to their console, right from setup.
November Xbox Update

Pre-install games that are “Coming soon” to Xbox Game Pass!

You can now view, add to “Play later,” and even pre-install certain games before they come to Xbox Game Pass. Just head over to the Xbox Game Pass app on your console or mobile device and look for the “Coming soon” section. While not all games that are “Coming soon” can be pre-installed, we did develop a special feature for the Game Pass mobile app that lets you queue the rest to install on day one. Though you’ll still have to wait to play them like everyone else, your game can be downloaded and ready to play the day it’s available!
November Xbox Update

Xbox Insider Program – Enroll your Xbox Series X|S consoles today!

Our community of over two million Xbox Insiders makes a huge difference in our ability to create products our fans love. We’d like to invite new Xbox Series X|S owners to participate in the Xbox Update Preview program too! Head here for more details.

The November Xbox Update is available for you to check out starting today. As always, thank you for your continued feedback that allows us to build a better gaming experience with you."

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