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16.05.06, 17:44 Uhr, Bobic
1st places at Chaos Constructions 2000, Assembly 2002 and 2003, 2nd places at Paradox 2001 and Assembly 2004: Russian programmer AND is one of the most successful demo creators and really a busy man since he's working in the computer games industry. Kreed and East Front (ÜberSoldier) are action games which are based on technology which was written by him. Currently he's working on a game for next-gen hardware. Is this the reason why we haven't seen any new scene production from AND since the release of his fascinating Zoom3 64k-Intro? We spoke to the man himself, asked him about his career in the demoscene and games business and what's coming up next.

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Dmitry "AND" Andreev loves the game Outcast. He's now working with the original developers of this game on a game for next-gen hardware.
Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

AND: Hi there. My name is Dmitry Andreev but friends and sceneres call me AND. I am 23 years old, was born in Germany and since that time was living in many coutries and places. I am involved in demoscene and game development industry. My special interests are software architecture development, 3D and game engines programming, sound synthesis engines, 2D/3D graphics processing, design and composing. I've finished Voronezh State University, Applied Mathematics and Mechanics faculty. Now I live and work in Belgium for 10Tacle Studios Belgium as programmer.

4Sceners: How did you get into the demoscene?

AND: It's a long story. My first computer was an Atari 2600 VCS which is a console actually. That was back in 1990. It’s a simple console with built-in games. That was really impressive. You could control motion of simple squares on the screen and that was interesing. Of course, some of these games were really good, but it was just a gaming console. I've got my first real computer in 1993 or 1994, I don't remember. It was a ZX Spectrum 128 with disk-drive, sound chip and some disks. During the first six months I was playing games and doing some Basic programming. But during the years my programs became more complex and I've seen some demos. Just loaders for games with scrollers and music and I've started to make my own. So, the world of demoscene has opened its doors for me :)

4Sceners: When did you start being active in the demoscene?

Did you know that:
* AND was the programmer of the beautiful Musik Disk reTracked#1
* Zoom3 is the most downloaded scene production on the with more than 33.000 downloads?
* AND has created an engine which adds 3D-card support to the game Outcast?
* you can find video tutorials how the intros Squish and Zoom3 have been created on AND's website?

AND: I did a lot of stuff before 1999 for ZX-Spectrum but in 1999 I've released my first demo in the ZX-Specturm scene. But right after that I've moved to PC and started to work on my "new" demo for PC "7D0 Millennium" which was released in 2000 on Chaos Construction demoparty and won the first prize there in the democompo.

4Sceners: What do you think is the main difference between the »oldschool« and the »newschool« scene? Do you like that progression?

AND: Frankly, I like "oldschool". And for me it's more about ZX-Spectrum and ZX demoscene. A lot of my friends never saw ZX-Spectrum or C64 computers and they don't know what it is. They never used to be a part of ZX/C64 demoscene. So I can imagine what they feel when they say that they don't like it. That's why it's so personal. There are no definition what is new and what is oldschool. But when I watch old-oldschool demos like ZX-Specturm or C64 demos I think about effects that you could make on that machine. I
Zoom 3 - Trance Generation: one of the most impressive 64k Intros ever!
know it because I did it. When you fight for each tact of CPU. For me it looks more about hardware. New school is more about design (to talk about demos). I mean, different level of visual representation of the same ideas for demos. If we talk about intros then it's both, I think. You have to think about design and fight for extra space, for each byte. And it feels similar as programming on the ZX-Spectrum for example. But again, I think that everyone has a different opinion about that.

4Sceners: What is your favourite demo?

AND: I have a couple of them. My favourite demos are Boost, Vivid Experiment, Electronics, Gateways, 2nd Reality, Moai, Overmind, State Of Mind, Fulcrum, Wonder, VIP2, fr-025. From the intros I still like Stash, Jizz, Heaven Seven, Peyote, fr-08. As you can see, most of them are "oldschool" but it's that kind of demos that I like very much. Boost was the most impressive demo for me ever. I think all Doomsday's demos were impressive because they were the first I saw on PC. Later, after releasing "7D0 Millennium" demo at CC, someone told me that this is the Russian Boost. Maybe that's true. I still enjoy the atmosphere of Doomsday, their style has become a part of my style and my taste of demos.

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