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18.01.07, 16:27 Uhr, Bobic

Battlefield, Max Payne, Darkstar One, Fable or Flatout 2. Many computer and video games emanate the spirit of the demoscene. Numerous coders, graphics artists and musician who showed their talent with demos or intros work in the games industry by now. Probably, they were even creating your most favourite game. PAiN and selected the most known companies having demo-know-how and give you an overview on games, where sceners were involved in the creation process. We would like to thank Paul Bragiel from Paragon 5, Inc: His list "Sceners in the Games Industry" made this article possible.

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Demosceners: Magnus Sjöberg (Pantaloon/Fairlight), Kenny Magnusson (Louie/TBL), Olof Gustafsson (Blaizer/TBL), Mikael Kalms (Kalms/TBL), Andreas Axelsson (Goofy/The Silents), Fredrik Liliegren (Animal/The Silents), Johan Dohl (Rubberduck/TBL), Markus Nystrom (Chevron/The Silents), Mattias Gruvman (Offa/TBL), Daniel Hansen (Equalizer/TBL), Magnus Isaksson (Confidence/Balance), Torbjorn Malmer (Phase/Essence), Thomas Andersson (Rayban/The Silents), Gustav Tilleby (Calladin/Subspace), Erik Hemming (Spite/Sonik), Patrik Bergdahl (Terminator/The Silents), Mikael Rudberg (Deezed/The Silents), Per-Olof Romell (Blade/Subspace), Robert Runesson (TmX/C-Lous)

Overview: There's probably no other games producer with that many scene idols as employees. The demo-prehistoric Pantaloon/Fairlight or the boys from TBL Rubberduck, Louie, Blaizer, Offa and Kalms who produce brilliant Amiga demos every year. Founder and CEO Fredrik Liliegren managed the local branch DICE Canada (Battlefield Vietnam) which was closed after the company was took over by Electronic Arts. In the meantime, he founded a new studio named Red Jade. Amiga- coder Kalms is taking a break from business life and finishes his studies (but still helps out with DICE here and there). It's even possible he'll return to DICE once his got his degree.

Games (excerpt): Battlefield 2142 (2006), Battlefield 2 (2005), RalliSport Challenge 2 (2004), Battlefield Vietnam (2004), Battlefield 1942 (2002), RalliSport Challenge (2002), Motorhead (1998), True Pinball (1996), Pinball Illusions (1995), Benefactor (1994), Pinball Fantasies (1992), Pinball Dreams (1992)

Demos (excerpt): Starstruck/The Black Lotus (Amiga, 2006), Ocean Machine/The Black Lotus (Amiga, 2005), Silkcut/The Black Lotus (Amiga, 2004), Magia/The Black Lotus (2003), Little Nell/The Black Lotus (Amiga, 2002), Perfect Circle/The Black Lotus (Amiga, 2001)

Battlefield 2142 (2006)

Pinball Dreams (1992)

Amiga-Demo: Starstruck (2006)


Demosceners: Magnus Högdahl (Vogue/Triton), Gustaf Grefberg (Lizardking/Triton), Johan Althoff (Tito/Cryonics), Stefan Sandberg (Flex/Cryonics), Henrik Meijer (Hence/Limited Edition), Anton Ragnarsson (Demol/Tazadum)

Overview: It was a long way for Starbreeze to arrive where they are today. The first steps in the games industry were mostly unsuccessful. Either, they haven't found a publisher for their projects. Or the project was stopped during the development. With the technically impressive fantasy action game Enclave however, the breaktrough was made. Further hit-games followed: Knights of the Temple or the fantastic The Chronicles of Riddick. With The Darkness, the next big thing is already in the pipe. The branding mark of all games of Starbreeze is the great technique, for which mostly Magnus Hgdahl is responsible. Gustaf Grefber is not only one of the best scene musicians of all times, but he established himself as a leveldesign and story writer too.

Games (excerpt): The Darkness (2007), The Chronicles of Riddick (2004), Knights of the Temple (2004), Enclave (2002), The Outforce (2000)

Demos (excerpt): Tac 2/Tazadum (Win, 2000), Crystal Dream 2/Triton (MS-DOS, 1993), Crystal Dream/Triton (MS-DOS, 1992)

The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)

PC-Demo: Crystal Dream 2 (1993)


Demosceners: Boris Fornefeld (Crazy Crack/Polka Brothers), Kay Struve (Pothead/T.R.S.I.)

Overview: Boris Fronefeld, responsible for coding at Ascaron, was involved with the space action game Darkstar One, or the Port- Royale-series. The German soccer manager game "Anstoss 2" was the first game where he got attention for. In the demoscene mainly made himself a name with the Amiga demo "No!". Kay Struve has been active for T.R.S.I and Anthrox for years. He was the project manager for Darkstar One.

Games (excerpt): Darkstar One (2006), Sacred Underworld (2005), Sacred (2004), Port Royale 2 (2004), Port Royale (2002), Ballerburg (2001), Anstoss 3 (2000), Anstoss 2 (1997)

Demos (excerpt): No!/Polka Brothers (Amiga, 1995)

Darkstar One (2006)

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