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Age of Wonders II Euro-Patch #1

[New Features]
-Free 8 Player Custom Scenario "Let Sleeping Gods Lie"
-Extra "Beginners" Campaign Difficulty added.
-Surrender added to Options Menu
-Objectives added to Options Menu

-Crop Fields regrow after casting spells like "Evil Woods" and "Poison
-Ability levels from higher unit ranks no longer reset when loading a saved
-Swapping Artifacts now updates Unit Statistics immediately.
-Charge Info Incorrectly listed 2 ATT instead of 2 DAM
-A rare AI lockup and Spirit crash
-The "C" Center Location and "H" next Hero shortcuts now work.
-Machines now join on their own.
-"Call/Resurrect Hero" now checks max heroes setting
-Casting "Poison Plants" no longer erases bridges.
-"Static Shield" now correctly gives Lightning Strike.
-Tactical AI no longer walks onto Flee Hexes.
-Tactical AI Wall Attacking is improved.
-Tutorial Ice Crossing made clearer
-A rarely occurring slowdown during Tactical Combat is fixed.
-Tactical Combat AI Spell casting is improved.
-Ambient SFX now sound better.
-"Resurgence" Spells and Items now properly resurrect a unit after death.
-Ranged attacks which kill their targets now give proper event text.
-Diplomatic Trading takes offer into account when checking for available
-Building Queue is cleared after AI takes over city
-Flee arrows at the top edge of the Combat Map are now visible.
-Abilities which take control of enemy Units (like Seduce) now give
Experience when successful.
-When the last enemy is a Possessed Unit, killing it no longer ends the
-Floating Units can no longer walk over obstacles.
-Markmanship now gives bonuses to non-physical ranged attacks as well.
-Non-physical abilities now show to-hit event info based on RES.
-Combat Spells now have event info when selected.

-"Tower Guard" now only fires for the first 5 Rounds of Combat.
-Random Damage is now more likely to do an "average" amount, with
minimum/maximum Damage rolls being more rare.
-Fairy: Concealment added.
-Leprechaun: Taunt added
-Magic Servant: Strike added
-Fire Crossbow: DAM 7 (was 5)
-Hurl Stones: ATT 7, DAM 5(was 6,7)
-Shoot Javelin: DAM 10 (was 7)
-Venomous Spit: DAM 9 (was 6)
-Fire Bolts: DAM 7 (was 5)
-Frost Bolts: DAM 7 (was 5)
-More Hero Experience needed at higher levels.
(Level 10 to 20: 50 instead of 40)
(Level 20 to 30: 70 instead of 50)
-Swarm DAM 5 (Was 1)
-Corpus DAM 8 (Was 5)
-Combat Spells now do from 50-100% of their DAM.
-Healing Spells now restore from 50-100% of their maximum.
-Haste Mana 15, (Was 10)
-Elf Druid: Cost 120 (Was 90)
-Draconian Flyer: Cost 160 (was 120)

-Validate Map Button now works.
-FrameRate disabled by default (F9=Toggle)
-Desert no longer listed twice in NewMap
-ArmyDlg Edit button fixed/Add button removed
-HeroDlg add/remove items fixed.
-Item/Hero Libraries are now saved
-Customize Wizard crash fixed



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