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Demo zum Ego-Shooter/Echtzeit-Strategiespiel-Mix Iron Grip: Warlord (Screenshots) mit einer Karte (Single- und Multiplayer-Modus); Vollversion kann auf der offiziellen Website bestellt werden

In short, this game is all about fun. It features single and cooperative multiplayer modes, low system requirements, small file space, and a unique combination of RTS/FPS gameplay. It immerses the player in an epic scale of total war, set in the Iron Grip universe.

Iron Grip: Warlord takes place in the fictional country of Atelia, which was recently invaded by the Confederation. It is a nation rift with apathy, consisting of city-states and nomad tribes with tense allegiances.

As the player, you are one of the many Atelian warriors of Warlord Sahrabs Army. You are charged with the defense of the city-states in a last ditch effort to overcome the invaders. Along with your comrades, either controlled by friends in multiplayer or the computer in single player, you must defend and make a final stand to fight for Atelian independence.

The gameplay revolves around fighting of large invading armies with a small elite group in an urban setting. Players must deploy defenses and ensure their stronghold survives wave after wave of Confederation warriors without being overwhelmed. This scale of battle is achieved by combining real-time strategy construction with first-person combat to create the ultimate defense game.


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