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Demo bzw. Trial-Version der Renn-Simulation netKar Pro Version 1.3.0 (Screenshots, offizielle Website)

Version 1.3 Final changelog
-New GUI icons and organization
-Password is now automatically recovered from last session

-New setup behaviour (use nkpro.ini USE_OLD_STYLE=1 to go back to the previous behaviour)
-Keyboard and GamePad quick selection keys moved to SHIFT+K and SHIFT+P
-Added g meter readings on the control overlay
-Mirrors are now using full shading scene

-Added "non linear" brake settings for professional pedalboards
-Added hand brake on wheel button settings
-Improved tyre model slip model
-Improved differential math model
-New collision detection and response system

-Improved collision detection
-Improved collision response
-Improved lobby protocol
-Added "Reset", "Next", "Restart" on vote
-Improved network protocol, packets are smaller and delivered with a different strategy
-New prediction system for remote cars' rotation
-Added overlay to signal low quality in client-server connection
-New protocol for client to server lobby connection avoiding MTU block by some routers

Additional Contents
-GT Vintage "Replica"

Version 1.2.0
> Added the new FormulaKS2 car
> Improved tyre model
> Improved differential model
> Improved multiplayer contact response
> Improved loading times
> Added a live laptime report for multiplayer races
> Added realtime performance meter
> "Controls" overlay is now on by default
> Controls overlay now show brake and throttle activity during replay
> Fixed wrong steer ration showing during replays recorded with different steer lock
> Smoother steering wheel movements during replay
> Only PAYCODE is now NEEDED to unlock the lincense

Version 1.1.0
> It is now possible to complete the lap after a qualify end
> Improved server communication for non updated versions
> Added automatic check and warning for insufficient fuel to complete a race
> Overlay names are now on by default
> Added an high ping warning
> Added audio levels control
> Added "auto refuel" behaviour when "change tyres at sim start" is enabled
> Driver's stats moved to the Driver's panel
> Chat is now operative
> Collisions are now off during the race for "cube" cars
> Collisions are now off before green lights
> New formula for differentials
> Updated coast torque for all the engines
> Improved cameras management (F1-F2-F3 key commands

netKar PRO is the natural evolution of the freeware project netKar. A PC based racing car simulator with realistic physics. netKar PRO is aimed both to professionals in the racing business and to racing enthusiast all around the world. It's aimed to offer an enviroment where people can learn about racing, car handling, behaviour on a racing track, car setup and data telemetry analysis. n advanced multiplayer engine will bring the driver straight into the action recreating the thrilling experience of a car race. netKar PRO is an ongoing project, there will be main software releases but the feature list and the technology behind the project is in a constant evolution, mostly driven by the user community backing the simulator.

The full version of the driving simulator: it includes a new installation procedure, the demo and the complete version, unlockable by a license code that you can buy in the Shop page. The 1.0.3 version opens up the multiplayer functionality to demo users and updated the physic core to the latest version. It also includes other fixes (list). Check the System requirements in the FAQ.

Patch 1.0.3 - Main changes
- Improved multiplayer system.
- Added multiplayer demo with fully working AIM device.
- Improved performance (frames per second).
- Removed join lag from multiplayer system.
- Improved physics (all cars).
- Improved setup system (inside simulation now).
- Improved realism (engine damage, FullMode repair times, flatspotting, tyre locking, car/ground collision).
- Added manual for full documentation.
- Numerous smaller fixes, improvements and new features.


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