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Englische Demo zum Puzzlespiel Volvir (Screenshots)

Welcome! We are glad to present you a funny strategic game taking place in various environments with cool characters gathered together in an exciting adventure, full of powerups, tricky situations, and ... secrets!

This is not a simple click game, nor an ordinary mini game in which all you have to do is to match some colors and click on some stones. You will need your brains and logic skills to play it. However, it only takes less then 2 minutes to learn how to play this game. Each level brings something new and has its own story, some of them also involving characters or confrontations in a 1 vs. 1 environment. Some features of this point and click strategy game include: maps, hidden locations, powerups, secret items, secret codes and hidden levels.

The basic rule of this game is to place the balls in their holes avoiding collisions between them.

Along side the game you will be helped by special features also known as Powerups. Those things appears during the game and their purpose is to help collecting you much money, or, very well, to confuse you. And we presents here several examples of this powerups.

Travelling with this epic journey of Ludin, the story will take you back in time throughout all kind of landscapes and magical places, but not also& youll gonna face a variety of theme-levels, some of them rather futuristic than the one you got used to it.


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