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Patch 1.7 für UFO: Afterlight

* This patch supports following language versions: English, French, German, Russian,
  Spanish, Hungarian, Czech, Polish, Italian, Chinese
* This patch adds an application called Localization Pack Manager which can be
  used for changing game's language
* It is recommended to start a new game when upgrading from v1.5 or earlier version of UFO:AL

* Add-on duplication bug
* Expedition Commander and Expedition Soldier mix up in research item names
* Drones no longer get paralyzed by Beastman paralyzing ammunition
* It is no longer possible to get additional characters to join your team by letting a drone get killed during a mission
* It is now possible to fix the "corrupted ground textures" problem by disabling bump mapping for ground models in the "Graphics" option menu (thanks to Stucuk and Lord Storm)

New/changed features:
* Removed some shader restrictions to allow the game to run on wider variety of graphics cards
* The game now displays a dialog box when enemy attacks your home base
* It is now possible to change the item mode for all selected units at once
* Enemies use different fire modes based on the distance to their targets
* The game will now use different quick save files for tactical and strategic modes
* The game no longer generates capture missions on enemy main bases

Modding related changes:
* Third armor add-on slot is now visible when using mods that enable it

Special thanks to these forum users for helping us with translating the new text strings in patch 1.7:

   hot22shot, Eriss (French)
   Hyggelik (German)
   bambr (Russian)
   fedenet89 (Spanish)
   ketek (Polish)
   Malakie (Hungarian)
   Gzj126, solcarlo (Italian)
   catso (Chinese)
   Rumun (Czech)



* Clicking on empty space when all vehicles were at the home base caused the game to lock up
* Completing a capture mission sometimes yielded a different interrogation research than expected or none at all
* Capture missions for Reticulan factions didn't appear again if you failed to complete those missions or if they timed out
* Matriarch Interrogation research item didn't show up in the research list until you researched Matriarch Autopsy first
* Beastman Anatomy training for Reticulans displayed a wrong icon
* Fixed a peacetime trade contract with Reticulans where they should have offered crystals for items, but only requested items without offering the crystals

New/changed features:
* DVD check removed (no need to insert the DVD every time you play the game)


* After long period of playing, mission loading time was increasing; memory manager could cause crash-downs.
* Skybox was seen in other visual modes.
* Destroying the target in an expedition mission didn't result in a win.
* Replacing suit add-on didn't replace its bonus.
* Deleting squads caused missing characters in the Equipment screen.
* Interrupted level-up caused a loss of remaining level-up points.
* Automatic re-equip created missing ammo.
* "Unload all" affected parameters of other equipped weapons.
* "Unload all" didn't refresh list of composed items in the Storage screen.
* Beastmen weren't able to re-equip after they had been mind-controlled and disarmed.
* Signs of some different mines on the globe were the same.

New/changed features:
* The game runs under Windows Vista.
* Appropriate handling of OpenAL libraries (sound issues).
* Repeated stun-attack on unconscious unit doesn't add more experience.
* Over-damage doesn't add more experience.
* Info about selected character in the Base screen is displayed.
* Changing a speed of the tactical game is possible with shortcuts; the same ones as in the strategy game.
* Center on vehicles is obtained by clicking to open space in the Globe screen.
* Clicking a portrait of a boss in any Management screen turns off his speech until next visit to the screen.
* Labels of corpses in the tactical game are displayed only after the mouse focusing.


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