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Patch 1.0.8 für die englische Fassung von Lost Empire: Immortals (Version 1.03 muss bereits installiert sein)

Changes in
- Bugfix: Fixed late-game out of memory crash bug caused by very large AI battles.
- AI: Tweaked AI to put a bit more priority on protecting its Capitals.
- AI: Tweaked AI to keep track of enemy fleets a bit better.
- Bugfix: Campaign games now correctly apply the Difficulty setting
- Bugfix: System Priority now correctly restored from save games
- New Feature: Added nebulae - explore them, colonize them, exploit them.

Changes in
- Fixed rare crash issue - Fixed bugs in game which ignored Game.xls for Start/Max Leaders and Planetary Shield Recharge/Strength settings.

Changes in
- Improved AI
- Many bug fixes
- UI tweaks
- Cheat codes


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