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Patch 1.3 für Alpha Prime

The patch is already included in the Steam & North America DVD version! Changes made since the previous version:

* All enemies are slightly weaker (10-20%)
* Enemy strength decreased:
  - by 13% on Normal difficulty level
  - by 10% on Easy difficulty level
* Headshots cause 50% more damage
* It is possible now to damage an enemy by throwing objects at them. A weaker enemy (service robots, drons) will be killed by two such hits.
* Engine supports FSAA (full-screen anti-aliasing), even when combined with the Bloom effect. New options were added to the menu.
* Sound works also on Windows Vista (without the 3D virtualization on non-EAX4.0 cards)
* When leaning out, the weapon is automatically "zoomed in".
* The weapons dropped by the dead enemies contains more ammo if the player is short of it and vice versa.


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