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Patch für Blood Bowl


- Fix a potential crash when one player has the skill Kick Off Return.

- Ball & Chain: The player can't use Diving Tackle, Frenzy, Kick-Off Return, Pass Block and Shadowing skills anymore.
- Diving Catch: Now work to catch ball at kick-off.
- Take Root: Is now rolled after Stand Up.
- Tentacles: Can now be use to prevent Leap from working.
- Fixed wrongly used dice modifiers on ball.
- Fixed random crashs occuring with sounds.

- Blitz!: Stuns caused during Blitz! are not discounted anymore.
- Campaign: Playing teams are now more randomly selected.
- Dice Modifiers: Some modifiers were not properly applied.
- Fan Factor: Fan Factor variation is now properly computed.
- Go For It: A Go For It was rolled for the second block of Frenzy when this move was the last movement available.
- Go For It: Was not properly rolled when doing a Hand-off.
- Interception: An interceptor must be closer to the thrower than the thrower is to the target player/square of the pass, and closer to the target player/square of the pass than the thrower is to the target player/square of the pass.
- MVP: Players not available to play will not be eligible for MVP anymore.
- Placement: It is now impossible to swap a character in reserve with an opponent.
- Save: Saved games at turn 16 will not add an extra turn anymore when loaded.
- Simulation: Players with No Hands should not earn Pass/TD/Interceptions SPP anymore.
- Touchback: Can now give the ball to a team-mate in the opponent side after a Quick Snap event.
- Touchback: AI will not give the ball to a player with No Hands anymore.

- Lobby Chat: Blacklisted players' messages will not appear anymore.
- Lobby Chat: Will not return to foot of page anymore when receiving messages from other players.
- Petty Cash: Team values of both team are now displayed.
- Placement: Fixed a loss of input when placement timeout occured.
- Post Match: Fan Factor rolls are now displayed.
- SPP: Are now displayed on the player sheet.
- Turn Marker: Each team now has its own turn marker.

- Armours: Beastmen armours' prices have been updated.
- Armours: Buff probability of all armours are now properly used.
- Default teams: Now have correct team value.
- Goblin Fanatic: Now moves one square at a time, but is forced to spend his whole movement.
- Goblin Fanatic: Doesn't earn SPP anymore when knocking down players of his team or when injuring already down characters.
- Goblin Fanatic: Now Turnover happens when knocking down a team-mate.
- Goblin Looney: Will not get up anymore when failing a Dodge.
- Goblin Pogoer: Now has MA 7.
- Star Player Slibli: Now has AGI 1.
- Star Players: A Star Player will not play anymore if induced by both team.

- Chainsaw: A player dodging next to a character with Chainsaw is not hurt anymore by the chainsaw.
- Diving Tackle: fixed a bug where ball carrier was knocked down with the ball.
- Diving Tackle: A dodge roll could be re-rolled twice.
- Dump-Off: Timer fixed. Hail Mary Pass can not be used anymore during Dump-Off. Player that failed Really Stupid Roll are notre prompted
anymore to use Dump-Off.
- Hail Mary Pass: Can now be used to launch the ball at a greater distance than Bomb.
- Horns: It now works correctly, even combined with Frenzy.
- Mighty Blow: It is now used to break armour only when needed, and is counted when re-rolling with Piling On.
- Pass Block: A player using Pass Block does not have to roll for a negative skill before to move (Really Stupid, Bone Head, Wild Animal and
Take Root).
- Pro: can be used during the opponent turn to re-roll Tentacles and Shadowing. When you fail pro, dice is not re-rolled anymore.
- Really Stupid: A player with the Skill Really Stupid does not give a bonus anymore to a player rolling for Really Stupid.
- Right Stuff: The player with this skill may now take its turn if he is thrown before he has moved and fails to land but is uninjured
- Shadowing: Player should now be able to throw a Block next turn.
- Throw Team-Mate: Passing skills are now used.
- Stand Firm: Doesn't work anymore when the player is Prone.
- Very Long Legs: It now prevents the use of Safe Throw.

- Morg 'n' Thorg - a new Star Player - is available for all races!
- Bouncing ball when using Frenzy shouldn't freeze the match anymore
- Fixed a case where multiplayer invitation didn't work
- Fixed a crash when AI had no players left on field
- Fixed a memory leak in the GUI

- Fixed cases of match save corruptions, players should now be able to recover most of previously not working match saves
- Improved the multiplayer invitation system in order to help players with port issues
- Journeymen and mercenaries will not lose their Loner Skill anymore when loading a saved match
- Fixed rare cases where the AI could launch the ball more than once in the same turn

- Players with the Chainsaw skill can't use Frenzy nor Multiple Block
- Knocked Out players with the Secret Weapon skill are now correctly sent off by referee at the start of a drive
- Blitzing with a knocked down player now correctly uses Blitz
- Fixed characteristic increase skills not working in some case
- Casualty SPPs are now properly awarded when apothecary is used on a casualty
- Added a limited number of in-game pauses in multiplayer
- Journeymen are now added before petty cash
- Teams can hire Star Players in the open league
- Private league owner can now change results of current day's games even if games have been played
- Regional public rooms have been added in the multiplayer lobby
- A multiplayer game where one of the player disconnects at the loading screen should now be discarded
- Multisampling has been set to 1 in the option


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