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Modifikation Project Reality 0.87 (Core / Kernpaket) für Battlefield 2 mit gesteigertem realistischen Anspruch (offizielle Website, Anleitung)

Hinweis #1: Für Project Reality 0.87 ist das Kernpaket und das Levelpaket erforderlich, wobei die Installationsreihenfolge egal ist.

Hinweis #2: Battlefield 2 Patch 1.50 muss installiert sein.

Project Reality v0.87 Major Features
- Battlefield 2 v1.5 compatible
- All new Commander UAV
- Insurgent/Taliban commander informants
- Multiple bug fixes and various game play tweaks

- Compatibility with Battlefield 2 v1.5.

- Updated commander screen to show the marker reload time (60 seconds) now that the timer is hard-coded.
- Added "follow me / move out" to medikit comm rose.

- Fixed kit reservation issues.
- Updated mine markers so players can place multiple ones.
- Added informants logic that will report to Insurgent and Taliban commanders if 6 or more enemies are near a waypoint set in the map. The report takes around 60 seconds to reach the commander and it takes 5 minutes to start reporting contacts after the marker is placed. Vehicles are reported no matter the number of players in them.
- Fixed attack huey not having the critical damage system of other transport helicopters.
- Updated relative distances to be 50m, 100m and 150m (2, 4 and 6 players).

- Updated L-Shaped HESCO with wire so they don't have lightmap bugs.
- Added 2 Russian apartment building textures that were missing.

- Fixed the M249 geometry on the RHIB to be the correct version.
- Added commander UAV to conventional armies (full color) and Chechen (greyscale) command posts.
- Added seat to Insurgent/Taliban hideouts to be accessed only by commander. Added option on commander comm rose so he can build hideouts.
- Removed higher hitpoints for attack huey to be in par with the other heavy attack choppers.

- Fixed M249 ELCAN deployed/undeployed mag-linking.
- Fixed floating 40mm grenade when sprinting with the M203 equipped.
- Fixed overheating patterns on the QJC88 HMG to be in line with the other .50 cals.
- Removed tracers from all of the Insurgent/Taliban weapons.
- Reverted LAT and HAT projectile explosion radii back to v0.85 values.


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