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Patch 1.09 für Trine (CD/DVD-Fassung)

Patch 1.09
-adds support for iZ3D
-adds European Portuguese language support (text-only), thanks to Portugalaēões (Alice Alexandre & Joćo Rodrigues)
-adds Romanian language support (text-only), thanks to Radu Petru Istrate

Patch 1.08
-adds support for NVIDIA 3D Vision
-tweaks the antialiasing method, works better now (enabled in the Launcher or
"/antialias_samples 8" etc in the game console)
-tweaks the last level once again, now no enemies on Very Hard (for the Achievement)
-fixes minor item description text errors

Patch 1.07
NEW CONTENT: FREE DLC level - "Path to New Dawn" (available upon completion of the
game); thanks for playing Trine and supporting Frozenbyte!

-adds information about experience and secrets to the Inventory menu
-adds version number information to the main menu
-adds print screen bind for screenshots (F11 & PrtScn both save screenshots to \screenshots)
-adds failsafe for unlocking Very Hard difficulty
-fixes a respawn bug in Iron Forge (co-op) near the first gate
-fixes missing cursor in the game over menu when playing co-op with gamepads
--note: Re-enables high quality videos for Radeon 5x00 Series cards, works
flawlessly now

Patch 1.06
-removes copy-protection from some retail versions of Trine (Europe, North America)
-adds new resolutions to the Launcher (uncommon resolutions can still be forced by editing config\options.txt and setting the resolution with lines screen_height_and screen_width)
-adds support for manually configuring which input devices to use in config\options.txt (player1_keyboard_ID, player1_mouse_ID)
-adds Turkish language support (text), thanks to 23 Studios (Semih Sancar & Devrim Sahin)
-fixes "Up" control to be separate from "Jump" (configurable in the Customize controllers screen)
-fixes Windowed mode titlebar support
-fixes mouse cursor in widescreen (aspect ratio)
-fixes a rare crash when the player touches a falling rock as it breaks
-fixes a rare crash when a water splash effect is played while the player exits to menus
-fixes a rare bug that occurred when the player switched characters and died simultaneously
-fixes final boss animations sometimes not working properly (Tower of Sarek)
-fixes a co-op respawn bug with the last checkpoint (Tower of Sarek)
-fixes a collision issue in the Iron Forge level (caused the Thief to take damage from lava)
-fixes several oxygen gauge bugs
-fixes autoaim bugs in Tower of Sarek
-fixes the Boots item to work properly (reduces spike/goo damage)
-fixes random failure of overwriting save slots in the New Game menu
-fixes incorrect behavior with menu select confirms when using a gamepad
-fixes menu behavior during fade outs
-fixes Credits section names again
-note: a check for Radeon 5000 Series (5400-5900) for Vista/Windows 7 has been added to disable high quality videos that cause random crashes with these systems; this check can be disabled with the option "force_high_quality_video = 1" in config\options.txt (which may be useful if e.g. new graphics drivers fix the problem eventually).


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