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Patch für Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition


- Fixed a possible crash when placing players on the pitch.


- Private Leagues with "Open League" settings:
* It is now possible to create private leagues with settings similar to the current Open Leagues (Auld World, Naggaroth Open...).
* These new leagues can be found in the League Finder tool (Type of league: Public League, Manager: Community).
* It is possible to blacklist coaches when managing these leagues (Manage League, Teams, Blacklist).
* Require Application (Yes/No): If set to No, teams can take part in the league without submitting an Application.
* Only new teams (Yes/No): If set to Yes, only teams that haven't played a match can join the league.
* Different settings for Matchmaking and Challenge are available (Ranked/Unranked).

- Fixed a match lock up when trying to stand up a Vampire that failed his Blood Lust roll.
- Fixed an exploit allowing to Blitz with more than one player in a turn.
- Fixed a Turnover happening after catching the ball at Kick-Off.
- Fixed Stab always used with Stakes.
- Fixed an issue with players that cannot Blitz after some Kick-Off events.
- Fixed a crash on High Kick event when selecting a player not on the pitch.
- Fixed a crash on Touchback when selecting a player not on the pitch.
- Fixed Horns still active after a Block or Blitz.
- Fixed Shadowing and Tentacles being re-rolled when result is 0.
- Fixed Star Players losing skills when playing with an exported team.
- Fixed Blizzard allowing passes greater than Short Pass (player & AI).
- Fixed Piling On sometimes freezing the game when used with the ball or on the ball carrier.
- Fixed Leap where the player would roll for Leap multiple times.
- Fixed Diving Tackle asked on a Leap.
- Fixed the ball boucing twice at Kick-Off.
- Fixed Blood Lust rolled when throwing a Bomb.
- Fixed the timer of the Follow-up popup.
- Fixed Hand-Off working on Hypnotized player.
- Diving Tackle: Updated the popup to show the log.
- Diving Tackle: Will not be asked on an unmodified Dodge roll of 1 or 6.
- High Kick Event: The game will no longer put a random player at the ball destination on the timeout.
- Updated the Re-roll popup to display correct informations with Shadowing and potentially other skills (ie for Shadowing: "You got 6 and require 6" instead of "You got 6 and require 8").
- Added Tackle to the Optional Skills Block window.
- Blitz Mode: Sponsor now gives more cash at the end of the season (5 periods in Campaign) before players are paid.
- Blitz Mode: Fixed a bug in Campaign where players were paid at the end of a competition instead of at the end of the season (5 periods).

- Blood Lust:
* It is now possible to re-plan the Action after a failed Blood Lust roll.
* A sound is played when a Vampire fails the Blood Lust roll.
* The log entry "<player> uses skill Blood Lust" will now only be displayed on failed rolls.

- New pause system in Internet play:
* Only the acting team can now pause the game.
* There is now a timer after each pause to prevent the player from pausing the game too much. The timer increases after each pause and resets to its minimal value after a certain amount of time without pausing.

- Bribes:
* It is now possible to use bribes on KO'd Secret Weapon players.
* It is now possible to use more than one bribe on a single player.

- Teams' details are now displayed on the loading screen.
- It is now possible to run Matchmaking with multiple teams.
- The reconnection timer should now be properly displayed in cutscenes.
- Disturbing Presence: now applies to bouncing ball catch attempts.
- Changing Weather: the ball will now only bounce twice when the weather is Nice.
- Foul Appearance: now also checked before throwing the 2nd Block of Frenzy.
- Piling On: now cannot be used when player has Taken Root.
- Fixed an issue with Multiple Block automatically used in multiplayer games.
- Fixed an issue with Frenzy allowing the player to throw 3 blocks in some situations.
- Fixed a possible match lock up when using Dump-Off.
- Fixed a possible match lock up on some Kick-Off events.
- Fixed an issue with Stab preventing the player from using Dauntless or Multiple Block.
- Fixed the Necromancer.
- Fixed the timer in the Pre-Match sequence in multiplayer.
- Fixed a treasury issue in Blitz Campaign/Competition.

- Fixed an issue with Blood Lust: there is now a Turnover when a Vampire uses Piling On or Wrestle under the effect of Blood Lust.
- Fixed an issue with Hypnotic Gaze: now works correctly on a 6.
- Addressed performance issues.

- Addressed performance issues.

- It is now possible to chat during Matchmaking research.
- Mercenaries will not lose their extra skill when loading a saved game.
- Replay playback is now working correctly.
- Tentacles and Shadowing are now combining normally.
- A player that has been hypnotized can't use Shadowing anymore.
- Players that collapsed from heat exhaustion will now be properly put in reserve.
- A Vampire that failed the Blood Lust roll will now properly leave the pitch on the time limit turnover.
- Players will always be 11 on the pitch (if there are enough of them for that)
- Players wont be able anymore to "gracefully" cancel the game in the Pre-Match sequence using the ESC key.
- Update of the manuals, integrating last development information.
- Addition of the Italian manual in PDF version.
- Modifications on the dice generator.
WARNING: using a cheating system during a multiplayer match will end the match and offer victory to the non-cheating player.
Blood Lust is still not 100% CRP compliant, we are doing our best to fix it as fast as possible.

- Fixed an issue preventing a player who intercepted a bomb to throw it if he made a Blitz in the same turn.
- Fixed special characters wrongly displayed in the Inducements list.
- Fixed issues with the Italian translation.
- Fixed network synchronization errors in Pre-Match.
- Fixed network synchronization errors with Vampires.
- Fixed an issue preventing games that suffered network synchronization errors to be taken into account.
- Fixed an issue with players not being replaced by subs in a saved formation.
- Added a Mouse Cursor for Hypnotic Gaze.

- There is now a popup for the Piling On skill after the Block window if Piling On is set to be "Asked" in the Options.
- Fixed an issue with the Player Key activation popup.
- Fixed a possible network synchronization error when two players are connected.
- Fixed a possible crash at loading when the player is disconnected.
- Fixed a crash in LAN when the player goes back from the Inducements page to the lobby.
- Fixed a rare issue with the "Ready" checkbox on the LAN lobby.


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