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Zweiter Patch für die deutsche Version von Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance

Hinweis: Diese Datei ist ein Download-Programm von den Larian Studios (Entwickler des Spiels). Mit diesem Tool wird der Patch (1,6 GB) dann automatisch runtergeladen.

Patch #2
The following features and fixes are included with patch 2:

  • An autopatcher has been included which will download the latest patch when available
  • You will automatically, of course, also receive patch 1
  • The changelog of the patch will appear in the autopatcher but currently includes these:
    • Compatibility fixes for various resolutions on TV
    • Fix for the physics of the Hall of Echo entrance
    • A number of minor fixes

Patch #1

-Nightmare difficulty mode has been added
-The graphic options have been extended
-A number of balancing changes were included (overpowered enchantments, empty containers)
-The interact button now also takes all items in a container
-Compatibility fixes are present for various graphic cards (black screen problem)
-A system fix was introduced that solves issues like invisible npc's and overpowered enemies
-A number of minor fixes were done


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