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Dear Esther ist eine Modifikation für Half-Life 2

Dear Esther is a Half Life 2 mod built as part of a research project by thechineseroom, a development team based at the University of Portsmouth, UK. Rather than a traditional FPS game, Dear Esther is an interactive story, told using FPS technologies.

Using a stripped down version of the normal keys used for play, explore the island and unlock the story.

The story is randomised, so each visit will trigger a different selection of story fragments and reveal more details of the plot.

For more information about the project and other mods to be released, please visit:

Written and produced by Dan Pinchbeck
Designed by Dan Pinchbeck and Josh Short
Environment built by Josh Short and Adam Griffiths
Programming by Jonathon Brown
Music by Jessica Curry
Voice Acting by Nigel Carrington

Recorded at Middle Street Studios by Phil Thompson and Jack Malpas-coker
Additional build and programming by Dark Rock Games (

Thanks to
Alex Counsell
David Goodman
Mark Eyles
Gareth Somers
Toby Ricketts

Colleagues at the School of Creative Technologies, University of Portsmouth
Funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council, UK

developed in thechineseroom

Please send any questions, comments, etc to


Scorcher24_ schrieb am
Der "alte" Mod. Das Remake kostet Geld.
D3ltoroxp schrieb am
Ist das jetzt das Remake aus dem Video oder der alte Mod ?
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