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Patch v3.2.77 für die europäische Version von Starship Troopers.

Known Issues

- Players joining a deathmatch or team deathmatch late may experience a crash/freeze and we are attempting to rectify this as soon as possible. This problem does not occur on the cooperative mode.

- Users of GeForce 6600 and 6200 will notice overbright glow shaders when using driver version 81.85. User should either use a different driver or follow these steps to rectify the situation
1. Open the "global.settings" file found in the My Documents\Empire Interactive\SST\Settings folder using a text editor
2. Locate the "Glow" field (located under the "Other" field)
3. Change the value from '1' to '0' (no glow) or '2' (partial glow)

New Feature

- A time out feature has been added to the front end so that the player can automatically revert back from a mode unsupported by their graphics card

Gameplay Changes

- Level attack times have been increased so that players are not as heavily penalised

- The armour of the larger bugs have been weakened to make them more susceptible to rockets and missiles.

Bug Fixes

- Various crashes resulting from killing tankers and tiger spits at specific points of their animation have been resolved
- Speech file issue which sometimes stopped level progression has been fixed (Bait)
- Fix implemented which stops players from breaking the final objectives (Brain bug)
- High shader option has been removed for the GeForce 5000 series
- High shader option has been removed for ATI cards
- Removed collision stopping tankers from attacking the player (Offensive)
- A system freeze resulting from using missiles against royals and Royal X has been resolved
- Safety measures have been implemented to stop the player from breaking obj 10 (Offensive)
- Text overlap issue on level attack has been fixed
- Slowdown created when firing the railgun has been reduced
- A rare graphical glitch on Compound when shooting a specific item has been fixed
- Player no longer able to avoid the first royal (Offensive)
- Item pick-up sounds can now be heard
- Player no longer able see out of the world in bunker 1 (Stronghold)

- Players are able to connect to internet TDM and coop games
- Crash resulting from rejoining an internet game has been resolved
- Crash when leaving a full server has been fixed
- Crash resulting from server sending the wrong information in the lobby has been fixed
- Lag issue has been significantly reduced on internet coop games
- Server is no longer credited for players killed by bugs (Coop)
- Server no longer spawns with three weapons
- The invisible weapon issue has been fixed
- Rare occurrence of invisible and invulnerable players has been resolved
- Players no longer spawn on top of each other
- Parts carried by players that get killed now respawn
- Lobby now correctly reports the number of players already in a game
- Erroneous and misleading options have been disabled in MP modes
- TDM colours update in the lobby
- Crash resulting from the server using team chat has been rectified
- Other players will not see crouched players clip through the terrain
- Players will no longer get the powercell icon if they are not carrying a part
- A situation that results in a server name appearing twice has been fixed
- Game type filter works after the player changes the connection type
- Frags are correctly attributed when a player commits suicide
- Blue flash from shooting the shield now no longer requires the server to be involved in the fight
- Guns no longer float when player exits
- Medi packs are not picked up if the player does not require it


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