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Patch für die Flugsimulation Falcon 4: Allied Force auf v1.05.

1.0.5 is a "cumulative" patch, therefore it contains all of the features and improvements of previous patches. It can be installed on top of either the CD "vanilla" install, or over v1.0.2 through to v1.0.4. If you have HiTilesAF installed, please use the HiTilesAF_AlliedForce.exe to restore the original terrain, before installing 1.0.5 update. Thanks to our team of betatesters for their hard work examining the product update. The changelog for 1.0.5 is below:

Avionics / Weapons:

- Fix for Missile and Threat Volume knobs resetting
- Fix Maverick CAT Config bug
- Fix inconsistent HUD symbology for weapons
- Fix for CTD on maverick zoom with no mavericks loaded
- Fix for "ghost missile" on wing when firing final missile (possibly reason for buildings loaded on Hard points, and some CTDs)
- Fix Centerline Tank to be CAT_I config


- Fix for Mig-23 icon showing as Mig-21 icon
- Fix for Mig-29SM, Mig-21-93 and SU-33 turning into Mig-21
- Adjustments on Combat Air Patrol (CAP) roles so that Mig-21 aircraft get fewer CAP missions compared to stronger Mig-29


- 2D cockpit datfile 1024 block 40, adjacent panel # in HUD only view fixed
- 2D cockpit datfile 1024 MLU, adjacent panel # in HUD only view fixed

General Gameplay:

- Force Feedback re-enabled
- CTD on eject bug fixed for remaining issue in certain circumstances
- CTD fix for airtasking messages
- Fix to stop ACMI recording whenever any AI pilot ejected from the plane
- Fix issue where logbook for Viper callsign was being overwritten after patching
- Fix issue where the AS-30L flame model showed as a SU27


- Numerous improvements


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