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Überarbeitete Demo-Version zum Fantasy-Rollenspiel GODS: Lands of Infinity.

Go to EXE directory and run MAIN.EXE file.

Select resolution, if you have less than 256MB RAM on your videocard use "Compressed textures".
The game works with Win2K and WinXP system only. Don't forget to instal latest DirectX.
Run the GAME

You play as Vivien.
You can move on the map using the arrow keys + rotate view by holding RightMouse Button (to rotate move pointer close to screen border).

Game begins before the gate to Slavingrad. You can visit town Slavingrad, talk to people, buy food, healing potions or trade goods...

Your first quest is to find person called Darovit in Petrovce village. Go out of the town Slavingrad (the place where you start) and you can find a Road Sign in the front of the gate (there is a green aura). You have to come closer to Road signs if you want to enter into the Global Map. It allows you to visit new locations.

This way you have to enter to village "Petrovce". Darovit is mayor of Petrovce. Talk to him and he gives you a quest where you can earn money.

You can earn money by trading, too. Ask people what they need and check prices.
for example:
-You can buy pottery in Slavingrad and sell for a good price to Bee-keeper in Petrovce.
-or Brewer called Yurij needs fruits, grain or grapewine and sells cheap alcohol, beer or vine. You can then sell such vine or beer to Inn-keeper from Slavingrad.
-There is trader who will buy everything from you. You can find him near the seaport in Slavingrad.

You will meet lot of enemies in the game. There are lot of wolves in the Sharkan's dale. You will get a raw wolf skin from them. You can sell such raw skins to Tanner. He pays good.

When you kill enemies, you get experience and increase your level. After 100% of experience you will get new level and 5 free points to divide between your statistics (strength, vitality, dexterity...)

During the battle, you have to check your HP - Hit Points (when HP = 0 you will die) AP - Action Points (allows you to attack or use inventory item).
When you do not have enought AP, use DEFEND (for the rest and AP points adding).
When there is no chance to win, you can RUN AWAY from the battle in the most cases. It penalty you in decreasing your experience and you will be transported at the begining of the location automatically.

When you move slower, it is because you are overloaded. You have too many items in your invertory (Vivien can carry about 16 kg without a penalty. It will increase with your strength ).

When you get lost in a location, try to follow a footpaths. Important places (such as Road Signs) are connected with the paths.

If you have any question or comment, contact us : gods@cypron-studios.com


Copyright (C) CYPRON STUDIOS 2005


ewerybody schrieb am
Jo ich bin immer enttäuscht wenn ich das lese weil ich jedesmal denke das is nen Remake von Bitmap Brothers\' Gods :[ *schmoll*
Sabrehawk schrieb am
wAT is DATT denn... als SHAREWARE würde es mich
vielleicht beindrucken.
AnonymousPHPBB3 schrieb am
<P>Überarbeitete Demo-Version zum Fantasy-Rollenspiel <STRONG>GODS: Lands of Infinity</STRONG>.<BR><BR>Go to EXE directory and run MAIN.EXE file.<BR><BR>Select resolution, if you have less than 256MB RAM on your videocard use "Compressed textures".<BR>The game works with Win2K and WinXP system only. Don't forget to instal latest DirectX.<BR>Run the GAME<BR><BR>You play as Vivien.<BR>You can ...<br><br>Hier geht es zum Download: <a href="http://www.4players.de/rendersite.php?L ... ADID=45060" target="_blank">GODS: Lands of Infinity - Demo #2</a>
schrieb am